My Tooth Poem

Posted by brilokuloj on Apr 1, 2024

A meme stating 'My mouth without my wisdom teeth'. The background is a popular utopia meme image. The text shows dolphins splashing in front of a rainbow. The corners of the image, where my wisdom teeth once were, have a Francis Bacon painting of a figure in contorted agony.

Yesterday, after 5 years of suffering with increasingly chipping and cracked wisdom teeth, I finally got accepted (after a 1 year waiting period!) by an oral surgeon covered by my insurance that agreed to remove my teeth.

For the past few days before this, my anxiety had grown exponentially, and I began to imagine worse and worse scenarios. And that was before I was asked to go off of my anti-anxiety medication in preparation for the operation!

On the drive to the hospital, I finally had enough, and I decided that instead of letting these terrible thoughts swell up in my brain forever – every single time I had a thought, I would write it down. Like casting it into a wishing well that, instead of making the wishes come true, it rather whisks them away to a place that I don’t have to think about them anymore.

And so, I decided that this would be my tooth poem.

Here it is.

At this point, I began to fall asleep, because I had woken up at 5 AM on about 5 hours of sleep and the thought of being awake for any longer while being subjected to thoughts of spinning cars was just too much for my feeble little brain. But if you would like a glance into my mind for the past 5 years, imagine this.

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