Dreamhopper Acropolis

Posted by brilokuloj on Jul 9, 2024

With New Haven thoroughly explored, it’s about time we start actually getting into the meat of Furcadia: the hubs where users could upload their own player-made maps.

Acropolis, sadly, is not a great example of one of those. But it was my personal favorite, and it was ostensibly supposed to be Furcadia’s “main” socializing area, so I’m covering it now.

Also featuring: a lot of really weird worldbuilding!


Cleaning My Tabs Cleaning My Tabs #5

Posted by brilokuloj on Jul 8, 2024

I wasn’t even planning on doing a Tab Clean today, but at 363 tabs, I didn’t really have a choice.


Minecraft Tour Oldbat

Posted by brilokuloj on Jul 7, 2024

After a month or so of playing World3, I was ready to try out multiplayer with my girlfriend for the first time. This is the nameless Minecraft server I would later retroactively name “Oldbat”, most recognizable for the snowy taiga biome.

By the way, my “at-the-time girlfriend” is now my wife Paula, and she was pretty pissed that I referred to her as that in the last article, since I guess that made her sound like an ex-girlfriend. I originally had something sappier written out and trimmed it for brevity. I’m sorry, women.

If the women are willing to forgive me, keep on reading for a detailed cross-section of a Minecraft world from March 2011.


Dreamhopper New Haven

Posted by brilokuloj on Jun 26, 2024

Bringing myself to write this article has required a lot of strength and vulnerability on my part. This is because New Haven, to this day, is my favorite map in Furcadia, and perhaps any virtual world ever. And it is gone.

Most days, I feel fine. Some days, like today, I feel a sense of grief so deep it grips my soul. It is my hope that writing this will help me begin to purge at least a little bit of this pain, so that my grief can feel even just the slightest bit smaller.


The rise of Christian propaganda in indie horror

Posted by brilokuloj on Jun 25, 2024

As of June 24, 2024, the YouTube unfiction horror series Valle Verde has uploaded its third chapter. One of my friends took to discuss it in my Discord server, where they bemoaned that while the series was indeed one of the most interesting “fake spooky video game” series active on YouTube right now, it had also crested the peak of being undeniably Christian.

As a matter of fact, I had made the same complaint in the same server only half a year ago. I asked my friend if the series had somehow become more Christian in the meantime, and got confirmation that yes, somehow the series had jumped the bar it had already set.

I sat down on the couch and watched the latest installment. I was disappointed, but not surprised, to learn that my friend had made a massive understatement.

In this article, I take a dive into a worrying trend: what is with the trend of Christian propaganda in modern indie horror? What is it doing to us socially, and what are the long-term consequences of this going to look like?


Minecraft Tour World3

Posted by brilokuloj on Jun 23, 2024

For how little I’ve posted about it, Minecraft is quite possibly my favorite game of all time. I’ve been playing sandbox virtual world games ever since I was old enough to have creative thoughts, with one of my earliest being Furcadia, a similar block-placing decorating game with more furniture options but substantially less gameplay. When all my Furcadia friends jumped ship for Second Life, I went to the substantially cheaper Minecraft, which quickly absorbed my life.

I play Minecraft most days of the week. Maybe not as obsessively as you’re imagining. It’s easy to set up automatic farms that turn it into a resource-accumulation idling game. What isn’t easy, I’ve found, is sticking with a single world (save file). Still, since I almost exclusively play on servers run by me, I have a catalog of Minecraft history going back to 2011. I’ve decided that I’m finally ready to show it!