Cleaning My Tabs #4

Posted by brilokuloj on Jun 12, 2024

I had “only” reached 320 tabs, but my computer was actually starting to slow down this time. I checked my memory, and sure enough, it was taken up by my literal hundreds of tabs. You know what that means.

But wait… I still had two dozen tabs open…

How could this be?

The answer was stranger than anything I could have imagined. I had misplaced an extra Firefox window. Somehow, I had sent it to another workspace and just never found it again.

With this, I bring you: a nearly completely unedited look into my browsing history.

  1. Easy-Peasy Potato Curry Recipe
  2. Reviews for Fail-Safe, an interactive fiction game I couldn’t finish
  3. A tab where I was trying and failing to play Fail-Safe
  4. YouTube: Glaggleland Massacre
  5. YouTube: How Kittens Grows Up: From 0-48 Days
  6. YouTube: Toadofsky - “Starwrld 1” Full Movie - no clue what this is, didn’t watch it
  7. YouTube: Timestamped Half Life funny moment
  8. Dev blog of someone making an interesting voxel renderer
  9. An introductory page about interactive fiction
  10. Wikipedia: New Journalism
  11. The menu of my local deli
  12. Reddit front page
  13. FedEx breaks ≈$14,000 bottle of medicine for the second time.
  14. How to cook with miso paste
  15. Some sort of flavor chart that I don’t remember the context of
  16. How restaurants remove the skin from chickpeas en masse for hummus
  17. Old tweet about Bean Dad that I was archiving
  18. Another tweet about the Bean Dad
  19. Our D&D Wayback article
  20. New Tab
  21. Google
  22. Documentation for the lightbox plugin I use
  23. Unavailable Discord image
  24. How do I cook frozen cooked chilli?
  25. New Tab
  26. Eggware.XYZ Blog Archive

There you have it. CLEAN YOUR TABS!

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