Learning how to use Obsidian

Posted by brilokuloj on Jul 4, 2023

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. As you may have guessed, I have been MOVING OUT! It’s a pain in the ass and my whole body hurts!

In between lifting furniture, pushing pieces around, wrestling my cats as they try to eat the raw meat I accidentally forgot to put in the freezer because I put it in my Dreamworks Trolls-themed fabric tote instead of the cold bag because the cold bag was full, and - occasionally if my brain will allow me - drawing art for Art Fight, I’ve been playing with Obsidian, the note-taking app that has completely warped my brain.

Some quotes from me about it:

this is evil they should have ip banned me from the download site
i literally have to go back in time and not learn about this program
take this shit away from me
i have to stop. im done with this shit for today. i have to stop. im literally like shaking trying to get myself to do something anything else . oh my god. this is like giving my wiki autism brain stimulants

This is evil, dangerous stuff. God help me.

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