Nedventure 2: The Awakening

Posted by brilokuloj on Dec 22, 2014

Ned the Flying Head, staring at the viewer.

When life gives you Neds, make Nedonade.

Ned has assumed a new, more menacing form, giving me more reasons to fear for my safety.

Ned and his friends, a pink Spyro-style gem and an eyeball.

I have successfully recontained him in the punishment hole, but now he just won’t stop watching me. He’s brought his friends, too.

Ned and his friends, now from a different angle.

There’s a new function: now I can collect gems!

This is fun… probably. Allegedly, if I collect 50 of them, I may finally be able to destroy him. He is a tough beast, but his gluttony for riches might finally get the best of him.

A gem hiding behind a ramp.

What's that over there?

Me hiding from Ned.

I'm safe! For now.

Somebody please help me. I’ve been programming for hours at a time and my eyes hurt.

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