Posted by brilokuloj on Dec 17, 2014

Two Ned heads next to a big purple gem. Ned is a weird orange creature with antlers.

Game development is a special journey. There’s always something new to learn when you’re programming something on your own.

Ned on a ramp

For example, you will learn that no matter what you do, something will always find a way to go wrong.

Ned in some sort of checkerboard test environment

This is Ned the Flying Head, and he hates me. I have been at war with this man for a year now, ever since I thought it would be a good idea to use him as my test subject.

The checkerboard, now visible in a spherical skybox.

This is the dome I have trapped him in. It has all the necessary utilities: a ramp, another ramp, a pit…

Ned has broken out of the skybox and is in a grey void.

Look! He’s escaped and is coming to kill me. Isn’t that cute?

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