Wendy's gave us a free GroupNug. Why?

Posted on May 19, 2020

Hey, Wendy’s is giving away free nuggets! Did you know about this? I mean, it happened on April 24th, so if it’s not April 24th where you are right now, it’s too late. But we managed to get some nuggets, and they were totally free! We didn’t have to buy anything, we just drove right through the drive through and they gave it to us! Isn’t that crazy?

And you know what’s really crazy? If you live in an area where there are several Wendy’s within quick driving distance of each other - like we do - you can just drive to each one and get free nugs from all of them! We went to four Wendy’s and got a four pack from each! 

If the multiplication chart I’ve hung onto from first grade can be trusted, that was sixteen nuggets for zero dollars! That’s enough nuggets for two people, for absolutely free. If this wasn’t free it probably would have cost over four dollars! Who has four dollars to spare in this economy? Do you have four dollars on you right now? Hit the jump to find out if you have four dollars on you right now.

Wendy’s had the gall to call this the “GroupNug”, a title that we absolutely hate. We do not like how it is one word. We wish it was at least the “Group Nug”, or something that didn’t sound so grating. We hate “GroupNug” so badly. The idea behind is that since we cannot “group hug”, due to being in a massive pandemic, Wendy’s is affording us a “Group Nug”. Four nuggets, through the drive through, no purchase necessary. It’s a genuine freebie, something that’s extremely rare nowadays.

But did that make it worth about an hour of driving? Was it worth the gas expended getting from restaurant to restaurant, just to chow down on a small handful of processed chicken? Hell yes it was worth it, are you kidding? Do you know when this post was being written? In April of 2020! In the middle of an international pandemic! People are terrified, everywhere, getting sick, they can’t go to restaurants, there’s no fun to be had anywhere. Of COURSE we would relish the opportunity to drive around on a beautiful Spring day, eating hot chicken nuggets instead of canned food and leftovers! 

Call us crazy, but this was some of the most fun we’ve had in a while. Just driving around town, windows down, enjoying some lunch. In these trying times, having a simple pleasure like this makes a HUGE difference. And we really think Ms. Thomas can afford to cover us for a few extra boxes of her spicy nuggets, can’t she?

Wendy's nuggets

Those nuggets are so good, anyway. If it was in the pouring rain we’d probably still go out and get these. We are eternally grateful to the Wendy Business of Food for bringing back the spicy chicken nuggets. The two years where we went without them was inexcusable, and you should be ashamed for even considering taking them off the menu. The spicy nuggets are so much better than any other chicken nugget in the fast food world, which is weird, because as we’ve detailed in our Chicken Sandwich Showdown, Wendy’s chicken isn’t that great otherwise. But these nuggets sure were good: they were hot and fresh, thanks to the volume moving out their drive-thru window, and the spicy seasoning really sets these nuggets apart from the rest. Wendy’s nuggets aren’t really that hot, but there is a distinct red pepper zing that anybody with taste buds will appreciate over bland chicken mush. 

Speaking of bland, they of course ask you for dipping sauce when you get these. At the first place we went to, Will panicked and asked for his usual honey mustard sauce, then asked for sweetened sour sauce. The honey mustard is okay but weirdly chemically. The sweetened sour we had forgotten is amazing, it even has little chunks of whatever the fuck. Red pepper? It’s delicious though, much tangier and richer than the yellow crap they serve at McDonald’s.

If you’ve never had the nuggets at Wendy’s before, oh, they are so good. Seriously. They’re so much denser and meatier, unlike the puffs of air they serve at McDonalds or the flat disks at Burger King. They’re even consistently round “nugget” shaped, unlike McDonald’s weird bell, bone, ball and boot. McDonald’s nuggets are slightly cheaper and have their own odd craveability, but Wendy’s is the gold standard.

So yeah, make sure to get yourself some free nuggets! Oooh, wait, it’s already over. Well, we hope you got yourself some nuggets when the getting was good. Sorry if you didn’t. And since you’d have to drive all over town anyway, maybe you’d find that boring. But it was cool! Free nuggets. Hey, if they had done it on 4/20, wouldn’t that have been funny? Free nugs, right! Yeah!

God, we want things to go back to normal.

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