Happy Holidays from Eggware!

Posted on Dec 25, 2014

Happy Holidays from Eggware!

Even though Christmas Day may be ending tonight, we here at Eggware are so dedicated to the holidays that we will be celebrating them for an indefinite amount of time. Though this is partially because the Christmas sale season made us busy with our side jobs[1], this is also because we wish to share a little extra cheer for those who may not be able to celebrate the holidays, whether because of being busy or because of difficult home situations.

We hope that for those who were not able to have a truly jolly Christmas, we will help them feel the spirit of the season long after the day itself has passed.

For the next month and maybe more, we’ll be reviewing old holiday specials, reviewing seasonal food, and generally celebrating the spirit of winter. Up here at Eggware HQ, the winter doesn’t end very soon, so we feel that the end of the holiday spirit in January is unnecessary and abrupt.

Here in the Eggware household, Sonic and Tails have been very naughty this holiday season and we will be punishing them appropriately by forcing them to pose in our Christmas photo shoots. We hope you enjoy their misery.

A plush Sonic in front of a small potted tree with Tails on top.

And a Tails in a pear tree...

Two pet rats investigating the tree.

Uh-oh! Here they come!

A pet rat sniffing the Sonic plush.

"All I want for Christmas is your flesh," Ginger tells Sonic.

Another rat is fleeing the scene.

Tucker is afraid of Sonic Claws.

Two rats sniffing Tails.

Tails has never been more miserable in his life.

A close-up of Tucker the rat's face.

Merry Christmas!

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