Merry Ratsmas from Eggware!

Posted on Dec 25, 2014

Merry Ratsmas!

Here at Eggware Zone, things have been stressful. With a lot of bills to pay and a lot of very tiny screaming mouths to feed, it gets hard to just relax and have a good time during the Holidays.

Still, we managed to take these photos of the Eggware Mischief being completely intolerable. Enjoy!

Tucker the rat looking at our potted Christmas tree.

Tucker is here, and he's ready to cause trouble.

Tucker knocking an ornament off of our tree.

Down it goes! (click through for GIF)

Tucker taking off another ornament.

And another one! (click through for GIF)

Tucker investigating a toy moose's santa hat.

At this point, we had to ask Tucker to leave.

A smaller rat, Scoby, is sniffing around the tree.

Scoby is innocent... probably.

Scoby leaves momentarily...

But he's also easily distracted.

Scoby returns to grab the snowflake ornament on the tree.

Scoby whispers his secrets to the Ratsmas Snowflake.

Scoby and the snowflake ornament. They both have big shiny black eyes.

Happy Holidays!

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