Unnamed Spyro fangame concept

Posted by brilokuloj on Sep 17, 2022

A low-poly dragon, vase, and gems

Back in 2014 I had it in my head that I could make a Spyro fangame. I had a whole offline wiki for individual characters. It starred an Artisan dragon girl named Rikki (after one of the dragon eggs from YotD), and you could also unlock and play as different dragons who could go to different areas because they had different powers. Adult Spyro was also an endgame unlockable who had super flight and could do everything… lol. Totally cluttered wish fulfillment stuff.

This is all that came out of it other than a lot of unnecessarily technical text. But I think I feel more fondly about it than if I had forced myself into the game development process. And I think there should be more value in the totally rhetorical projects that never get finished, instead of pushing ourselves towards some sort of noble burnout all the time.

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