Roblox - The Hunt, Part 7

Posted by starsystemerror on May 25, 2024

I went a few days without playing, since I kinda lost steam for this whole Hunt thing. I definitely didn’t plan on finishing, and I actually played more games than I expected to. Today (and tomorrow morning, but I have work) is the last day of The Hunt, so I figured I’d try the last few games I actually wanted to try before it’s over.

SCP: Roleplay

This was one I wanted to see, as I used to read SCP Foundation articles daily as a teenager, and I still have an appreciation for the project. I’m not going to explain what SCP is here, that’s its own story and frankly very easily searchable if you really have no idea what it is.

Upon starting the game, there was a really long cutscene with absolutely no captions, so I couldn’t understand anything that was being said. Thankfully I know what SCP is and what roleplay is already. After the cutscene, I was presented with a large scrolling box of rules for the roleplay, most of which were standard “don’t be shitty” rules, with a few interesting game-specific ones thrown in, such as “Do not breach entities if you’re not a Class-D or Chaos Insurgency.”

The game spawned me in as a member of Class-D personnel, the expendable death-row inmates used as cannon fodder in many SCP articles, stories, and games. I could get into my opinions on those, but you’re not here for SCP Foundation opinions, you’re here for stupid Roblox games. The skin tone on my avatar is plain white, but the game changed it to a peachy color upon spawning in, which was really weird. I have no idea why. I poked around in the menus for a bit, trying to figure out what I was supposed to do, and then I just went into the main Class-D area, where there were security officers shooting people and someone playing It’s Raining Tacos on a boombox. Someone dressed as a clown was arguing with a security officer about the concept of “clowngender” and “wannabe goth girls.”

The scene described above.

This was all taking place across a line where you would be instantly shot if you stepped over it as a Class-D.

I decided to switch my character to being on the science team instead. After running around the hallways a bit, I finally found an area that said “stand here to begin the Hunt mission.” Thank god. After trying to figure out how to start the quest, I managed to get in and was presented with a fully voiced cutscene introducing me to SCP-093, one of my favorite classic SCPs. Apparently they decided to shoehorn in The Hunt as one of the dimensions the artifact could take people to. Kinda funny, honestly.

The mission was pretty neat. Really amazing ambiance and setup, and the whole thing was voiced. If it had just been exploration, I really would say it would be in my top favorites for this event. However…it involved gun combat, which I am extremely picky about in most games, and especially dislike in Roblox. Oh well. It wasn’t terrible, but it did lessen my enthusiasm a bit.

Steep Steps (DNF)

This one kept getting recommended to me on my front page, so I decided to check it out. It is a sort of puzzle, sort of platforming game that requires you to move a ladder around to get across gaps and climb up a mountain. It heavily involves Roblox’s physics system, which is…unpredictable at the best of times. I could immediately tell I would not have the patience for this one, so I had to tap out pretty fast. Sorry, Steep Steps.

Toilet Tower Defense (DNF)

I like tower defense games decently enough. I have way too many hours on Bloons Tower Defense 6 for how bad I am at it, but it’s fun. However, I did not have high hopes for Toilet Tower Defense. Immediately upon spawning, even before the world had loaded, I was sent a trade request by a random user. Once I closed the request and actually loaded in, I realized…oh. This is fucking Skibidi Toilet themed. All I know about Skibidi Toilet is that it’s an extremely, inexplicably popular video series, made in what seems to be Source Filmmaker, and it involves heads coming out of toilets and object-headed robot(?) people. The game itself was a pretty normal Roblox tower defense game, of which I’ve tried a few of before playing this. Thankfully I didn’t have to know much about the source media, or care much about it, to complete the mission. I just set up my maximum of 15 base units on the map, upgraded them all, and let them work while I did other, more important things than pay attention to Toilet Tower Defense. I was so glad there was an option to turn off the music, because holy shit the same short song playing over and over for minutes on end was driving me insane.

I finished the easy mode easily enough, but then there was absolutely no indication of anything else involving The Hunt. I had no idea what to do, and assumed it would involve much further grinding, so I just left. I do not have the time or care for Toilet Tower Defense.

Piggy (DNF)

Okay, I admit, I only played this one because I see the damn toys for it EVERYWHERE. This is THE Roblox game I see merchandise of in stores. When I worked at a popular mall pop-culture gift store last holiday season, I had a parent come up to me and ask if Gloomy Bear was the pig from this game because her son was obsessed with it and she was trying to find merchandise for him. I helpfully informed her she could just find those toys at Walmart or Target or pretty much any other big box store because they are everywhere. With a game this popular and this heavily merchandised, there has to be something going for it, right? Right??

When I joined the game and clicked on the Hunt logo on the title screen, the titular Piggy looking ominous was interrupted by me being sent into a cutscene where a fox person told me to come time traveling with him to find treasure.

Finley, a bobble-headed anthropomorphic fox, invites you to join him on a quest.

I don't like this guy.

Okay. I have a feeling I won’t be getting the true Piggy experience here. The time machine crashes, and the mission first involved finding some clues to fix the machine, then teleporting to another area to find treasure, or something. I was bored and confused by the first one, and the second one was impossible to follow until I got cornered by some entities and got a nice jumpscare animation to kill me and kick me back to the title screen. I’m gonna be honest, this was the last straw for me. This was the final failure to make me decide to end my time with The Hunt. It was just so anticlimactic and boring that I sat there and went “What am I doing with my time? What have I done here? I’ve written 12,000 words about shitty Roblox games. What have I become?”

So, that’s The Hunt, or at least my experience of it. In total, I played exactly 50 games, which is honestly more than I expected I would. I only got the badge for 37 of them, which put me just shy of the 40-badge item. I really, really didn’t care enough to try to grind out three more badges just for an avatar item I wasn’t going to use. It was a fascinating experience, and a bit of a look into some of the Roblox games kids are actually playing these days. I’m happy sticking with my creatures, though. Now excuse me, I’m going to go hunt down some chocolate eggs to get a monster that looks like a mole and bites people really hard.

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