Roblox - The Hunt, Part 6

Posted by starsystemerror on May 6, 2024

So, that last one was so bad that I actually had to take a few days off of The Hunt out of exhaustion. I didn’t feel like actually picking a game to play to get back into it, so I just chose the first one I saw in The Hunt hub world.

Death Ball

I was really scared this was gonna suck, but it’s actually a pretty neat game. It seems to have some sort of strange One Piece gimmick, which is an anime that has greatly proliferated on Roblox in the time I spent not playing it in the last couple of years. Thankfully it did not seem to be a One Piece game, and instead was a sort of ball game where you hit a ball back and forth between a bunch of players until only one was left standing. Kind of a mix of “don’t let the balloon touch the floor” and a Ganondorf battle. The special task for The Hunt involved playing this game with a large boss enemy, which made the game behave a lot like a World of Warcraft raid, and as such I had to put my very rusty “don’t stand in the fire” skills to the test. It took me a couple tries, but eventually I ended up with a group that killed the boss while I was still alive, and I got the badge fairly painlessly, with an actually decently fun game for once.

Need More Friends

I had a feeling this was going to be some kind of annoying social game a la Please Donate, but instead this appeared to be some kind of “story” game. I was thrust into some kind of plot where it was the character’s birthday, and I assume the story was going to follow the planning and execution of their party. There were a bunch of Robux options scattered around, where you could make interesting things happen…for 50 cents of real life money! Just like tempting kids to put a couple quarters in a vending machine or something. Amazing. There were some mysterious crystals scattered around the house as I walked around, and when I collected all of them, it dramatically opened a portal to an unknown location. This location was mostly just a lot of little minigames and simple obbies, with the goal of “collecting numbers,” which meant interacting with some numbers that were on the walls in different rooms. The numbers turned out to be a code for a door, and in order to get the final number, there was a really obnoxious obby that I kept failing, so I just tried to guess the door number instead, and amazingly, I got it first try. I will say, I’m glad the obbies had so many checkpoints, because boy am I bad at Roblox platforming. Trying to do the obbies in this game made me process just how bad at them I am, because even I could tell these were meant to be extremely easy. Ah well, at least I finished it.

Royale High

I’m not even really choosing these anymore, I’m just entering whichever game is nearest to me when I spawn in to the Hunt hub world that I haven’t tried yet. I was kinda avoiding this one at first, because I am not a high schooler, and did not really want to be around a bunch of children roleplaying as high schoolers. This was more in the realm of fantasy than high school, though, and was actually very lovingly crafted, I could tell. I’m assuming it followed the trend of such doll lines as Monster High and Ever After High and all the other magical high school doll lines happened after those that I wasn’t following because my younger sibling had aged out of their target demographic. It wouldn’t have even been up my alley if I had been playing it as a young girl, but my sibling would’ve loved it. It’s pastel and pink and very, very girly. The quest for The Hunt was a “nature fairy class” that involved running around collecting eggs and putting them in a nest, and collecting 50 got you the badge. It took a couple of the 2-minute rounds for me to collect all 50, but thankfully, eggs carried between rounds, so I didn’t have to rush or compete too much. A very easy quest, and a very cute little game.

A Roblox player labeled Ariana Grande from Fortnite

Ariana Grande from Fortnite was there too, by the way.

Sonic Speed Simulator

We all know Sonic. He goes fast. Have you ever wished you could go as fast as Sonic? Well, you can come close in this Roblox experience.

…I’m serious, it’s literally just running around really fast in Sonic The Hedgehog series environments. It’s actually really cool, and the running is very satisfying. However, the quest for The Hunt involves collecting 100 of an uncommonly-spawning item in the special Hunt Vault area, which is really tedious, and the control for picking up the item is very awkward. There’s only so much running and looping of a single song I can take before it becomes boring, and I don’t know why you don’t just automatically pick up the quest items when you run over them like with all the rings and gems and stuff that are also scattered around. It’s a shame the quest is so lackluster, because the game itself is what every kid who’s ever played a Sonic game wants: an opportunity to run around really fast and collect pickups with no timer, no missions, just running. I ran around in the Green Hill area for a bit after I finished the Hunt quest, and it was ridiculously fun. I’ve never even played a Sonic game, and I loved it. I showed Will and Paula over my shoulder and they were both in awe of how fun it looked. If only Roblox hadn’t stopped the one thing that was making it function on Linux.

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