Roblox - The Hunt, Part 5

Posted by starsystemerror on Apr 27, 2024

It snowed so hard that I couldn’t make it to work today, so that means more time for horrible Roblox games. I entered the hub for the event and picked the first game I hadn’t tried. That game happened to be Muscle Legends. The goal of this game seems to be to gain strength by lifting weights, as with all these bodybuilding-type games which are apparently a thing on Roblox.

Muscle Legends

Some sort of horrible twig man

The thing is, the game scales your character with how much strength you have so…I spawned in like this.

In order to gain strength, you have to lift weights. This is done by repeatedly clicking while equipped with a dumbbell or at one of the designated weightlifting stations on the map. Most are locked behind different strength levels. The problem is, trying to do anything at all on the main map inevitably results in being destroyed by one of the GIGANTIC players with maxed out stats. Thankfully, there is an area called “Tiny Island” one can go to if you’re very low leveled to train without the giants kicking your ass every time you respawn. That is, if you can make it to the entrance without one of them killing you first. This is harder than it sounds. Once you’re there, though, you can train in relative peace. By relative, I mean, every time you gain strength, so every few clicks, a loud human man scream plays. There is no way to disable this sound aside from turning off the game audio. So that’s that. This is actually the first game on this list I’ve busted out my auto-clicker for, which is saying something. Some of these have been tedious, but at least AFK-able. This one required a click for every lift. At least the quest for The Hunt wasn’t very difficult and was literally just reaching a fairly low strength level. That’s enough of that.

Livetopia (DNF)

This is yet another one of those generic city roleplay games. There sure are a lot of these on Roblox, and The Hunt has a significant amount of them featured. The logo for this one always strikes me as very Fisher-Price-esque, and the game itself does look rather toy-like, but that could just be because it’s Roblox and that’s how Roblox tends to look.

The moment I spawned in, I was asked if I wanted to participate in The Hunt. Uh, yeah, of course. I clicked yes, and was given a large box to carry and an arrow pointing me…somewhere. No other elaboration. Okay. I had to run halfway across the map, but eventually reached a park with a small raised surface on the ground where I assumed I was supposed to place the box. My assumption was correct. Upon placing the box, the arrows went away and no further elaboration was given. I guess this’ll just be a test of how well I can follow context clues, since I already noticed there was a hammer on the ground next to the platform. I picked it up, smashed the box, and got…another box. This time blue and with some indecipherable item inside. I was silently presented with more arrows. It seemed to be leading me to a pool, so I jumped in, and suddenly a timer for 30 seconds appeared on my screen. I got scared and jumped out of the water, but the arrow kept pointing me to the pool, so I guessed I had to wait out that timer. Once I did, the blue box disappeared and gave me…a safe. I guess that was what was in the box. Again, no further explanation. The safe was added to my hotbar, so I placed it on the ground, and…nothing. The safe was not interactable at all. Every time I clicked on it, it just placed it down in the same spot again. I tried smashing it with the hammer that was also in my hotbar. Nothing. I removed the safe from my hotbar on accident while trying to place it on the platform back at the park (which didn’t work), and I still couldn’t interact with the safe on the ground, so…I have no idea what I was supposed to do. I just gave up at that point and drove around in a car made of ham, cheese, and crackers until I got bored and exited the game.

Maple Hospital

The thumbnail for this one has a couple of characters looking scared, so I assumed this was going to be some kind of horror game rather than just a generic hospital roleplay. One must never assume with Roblox, though, because this actually seemed like a normal hospital roleplay game, complete with children incoherently roleplaying gruesome injuries in the chat.

The game had me pick a role, so I just chose the generic “resident,” and then when I went looking for a settings menu, I saw it was yet another one of those menus made to look like a smartphone. In this menu I realized I was able to change my model from my regular Roblox avatar to…a cat. Oh hell yes. Hospital roleplay is one thing, hospital roleplay as a cat? Now that’s Needleminder-core. The Hunt’s mission involved me walking around to different areas in the hospital and slowly uncovering some kind of plot that I’m pretty sure was supposed to be spooky, but I couldn’t really focus on it due to it not being very well written and also that I was being a cat running around a hospital. The quest was really clunky and annoying to control, even when I switched to a human at some points to make things slightly less awkward control-wise. I did do the majority of the quest as a cat, though. And that’s what matters.

An orange cat on an autopsy table

I chose the orange cat and named it after our cat, Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Signature Latte For A Limited Time Only. Here he is on an autopsy table.

Treasure Hunt Simulator

Roblox “simulator” games are such a wide array of topics and gameplay styles. Some are more convergent evolution or specific knockoffs of a popular game than others. This one seems to be in a similar genre to a “simulator” I played a while back on stream that had you playing as a dog digging for treasure. The gameplay is even simpler than that, but there are more things to buy. It’s practically relaxing. The Hunt has you dig to certain depths to find treasure chests in order to get the badge, and it’s really just normal gameplay, as far as I can tell. Tedious as hell, but an opportunity to watch some video essays or something on my other monitor. And thank goodness I can turn off the royalty-free tropical music loop.

…So, I wrote this paragraph when I had just begun the game. I figured I could finish it up with a sentence on how it was an easy badge or something. Ah, how wrong I was. This…was nightmarish. But not in the usual nightmare way. This game genuinely tested my capacity for Roblox tedium. You see, there were three treasure chests to collect for The Hunt. Two were at fairly shallow levels in the sand and could be dug up pretty frequently and relatively quickly, even at a low level. The third chest…that one was at a minimum of 300 depth. And the chest itself required over 10,000 points of damage to break. And everyone who was going to that depth was an AFK farmer who was creating tunnels that were unusable if you were a low-level player. And then even if you could get to the particular, rarely spawning chest type, a low-level player would not be able to break it without a very, very long time holding down the mouse hitting the chest. I had to level up in the game for at least an hour to even get CLOSE to being able to get this chest in any reasonable amount of effort. And in the end, I had to switch to a server with only one other person on it and brute-force the search myself. This one is up there with Swordburst 3 for Roblox games that made even my ADHD go “wait, why are we doing this again?”

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