Roblox - The Hunt, Part 4

Posted by starsystemerror on Apr 20, 2024

After the nightmare that was last evening of The Hunt, I figured I’d go with as safe a bet as possible.

Adopt Me!

I have played several knockoffs of this simple pet-raising game, and I know I’ve played this one at least once, but I clearly hadn’t played enough to hatch my starter egg, so I probably just logged in, ran around aimlessly, and left. This is one of the most popular games on Roblox, and another one that I’ve seen merch of IRL, so I figure I’ll give it another shot.

This was another one of those games that required me to choose if I was a parent or a baby at the beginning, a strange piece of forced roleplay in some of these games. It pretty much never comes into play, but it’s always kind of awkward to have to try to find the “not a baby, please don’t roleplay with me” option.

The quests were incredibly easy and didn’t require interacting with any part of the main game, but I did go through the small amount of effort to hatch my starter egg so I could have a little critter running around with me instead of an egg with a graduation cap on. It was all so mindless, it was practically soothing.

Dress To Impress

I seem to have better luck with the more feminine games, so I figured I would go with a standard fashion show type game next. I used to LOVE dress-up games, and I lived for the fashion show minigame on Fantage, a defunct kids MMO. This was pretty much a mix of that minigame and a classic dress-up doll flash game. It was actually pretty fun and I got into it, with Paula commentating over my shoulder at points. The actual challenge for The Hunt is strange in that it has nothing to do with actually playing the game, and in fact discourages you from playing the game as it is intended, in that you have to collect a bunch of bunnies running around the dressing room…during the actual dressing-up time for the fashion rounds. I kept getting distracted by playing and not getting the bunnies at first, because you have to get 20 of them two rounds in a row, which means you only get about half the time to dress your character at most. It was easy enough, though, even if sometimes the bunnies would run into the VIP area that I couldn’t get into without paying Robux. Thankfully, they would run back out.

Weapon Fighting Simulator

I was almost afraid this would be another game by the makers of Pull A Sword, but thankfully, it is not. Instead, it’s a very similar game, complete with overwhelming UI with no clear labels on what anything does. You click on enemies that are just standing there completely still, your floating weapons automatically attack them, and I guess you get better weapons and progress. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and there is no real tutorial beyond “click this enemy” and then a little arrow directing you to a place to “hatch” new weapons from a gacha. I was kind of just clicking around and trying to make notifications go away until I got my badge. At some point I unlocked an auto-battle feature, which made the game much more tolerable, and I just let my guy run around collecting stuff for me while I wrote this and chatted with my friends. I’m slightly ashamed to admit, I actually did play this for longer than I needed to. A lot of games these days offer avatar items, and there was a pair of wings that looked easy to get and would look really nice on my character…I mean, it was pretty much entirely AFK. I’m not proud, but I will admit I did do it.

Dragon Adventures

I wanted to end the night by playing some more Creatures of Sonaria on my own time, but I noticed another game by the same devs was in The Hunt, so I figured I’d try it. This is a pet-raising game rather than a creature survival game, so a very distinct experience, but it does have the same great creature design and charm as Sonaria. It was a little confusing to start, since I didn’t get any kind of tutorial or anything, but I used my ability of “click around menus until something happens” to see that I had been given two dragons to start with. One of them was bigger and I could ride it around, which was pretty fun. As I went through the quest it grew until I could fly with it, which was even more fun. I could see myself really enjoying this game, if I wanted to invest more time in it, but the controls were just clunky enough that I didn’t really feel like investing more time in it.

The mission for The Hunt was simple enough; I talked to a few NPCs and followed a few arrows, attacked some enemies and only got lost once when I thought a key was meant to go to a treasure chest rather than a door. I think it was pretty well implemented, with the initial mission being just enough to give people a taste of the game, then giving players incentive to play more, since the mission was to recover one baby dragon and there were apparently several to find after that first one. I just picked up my badge and dipped, though. I had spent far too much time on a Hunt game already tonight.

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