Roblox - The Hunt, Part 3

Posted by starsystemerror on Apr 11, 2024

I took a day off of The Hunt, but am back into it full force this evening, starting with a game I thought would be a pretty simple generic hangout game.

Club Roblox

The first thing it had me do upon entering the game was pick a nickname for my character, and I just went with my username, which was prefilled, because I’m not going to be socializing here. Then, the game had me choose my avatar’s age: child, teen, or adult. Oh boy. I clicked through the obligatory “daily login bonus” screen, and then was immediately prompted to…adopt my first child. There was no way to opt out. I had to choose a baby, its gender, and its name. I now have a beautiful baby girl named “Type Here,” as that was what was prefilled in the “give your baby a name” box. I was able to choose her skin color from a very wide palette, so I consulted Will, and he advised I choose a vivid green that made the baby’s very square head with a single baby hair poking out of the top look like a tart green apple wrapped in a blanket. I was also allowed to choose her personality, so…I’ll just let the image speak for itself.

The baby's stats are maxed out in God Complex, Evil, Anxious, and Short.

Upon clicking next, the game presented me with a box that said "You have just adopted a tiny maniac!"

I also have a bunny following me around, for some reason. I did not choose this. I do not know why I have a bunny, but it’s there.

The game tried to funnel me into a tutorial, but a box covering my screen informed me I could just teleport to the area for The Hunt. Fine with me. This took me to a large building labeled “Duck Corp” with ominous music playing and a giant rubber duck staffing a welcome desk. Promising enough. I learned while clicking around that I could actually just set my baby down and play the game alone, but damn it, I’m sticking with this thing, at least until the game forcibly makes me put it down.

The game took me through an actually very neat little sequence of sneaking through a dystopian office building, with basic platforming and rudimentary puzzles, all while I was menaced by quiet quacking and general horror ambience. It was actually pretty darn good for an unexpected horror element in what seemed to be a generic “raise a family” Roblox game. It genuinely reminded me a bit of Yuppie Psycho, a non-Roblox game I really enjoyed. Or a Poptropica island. Remember Poptropica? No? Well, that’s your problem, then. Anyway, it was a fun little game-within-a-game, and I didn’t have to interact with my government-mandated baby at all, despite her having an upset face and an icon asking for food most of the time I was playing. At least the devs were kind enough not to implement crying sounds.

Restaurant Tycoon 2

I thought I had played this one before, but it turns out I had actually played its precursor, the original Restaurant Tycoon. My restaurant was an Italian restaurant named “Wolffle House.” Why was it called that, you ask? Well, you see, it was because of the wolves.

An Italian restaurant with the walls completely covered in the same generic stock art wolf poster.

I had to log back in to Restaurant Tycoon to get this screenshot, and I actually could not get into the restaurant at first due to the wolf photos blocking the door.

Enough about wolves, though. It’s time for something new. And by that, I mean I’m making another Italian restaurant, because I’m the Eggware resident Italian. There were a few restaurant bases to choose from at the start, and I chose the one I could find that looked the least like a restaurant, and more like some kind of empty wedding reception banquet hall. I went through the tutorial, which showed me a surprisingly hands-on cooking mechanic for this kind of game, and once I finished that, I promptly hired a cook and a waiter so I could automate the whole thing while I wrote. I was wondering when The Hunt would enter the picture, and my question was answered when my diners finished their meal and loudly spawned a bunch of gold eggs helpfully labeled “HUNT.” I needed to collect 100 of them, according to the text that popped up when I collected them. Not every customer gave the eggs, but most did. There was also an Easter event happening in the game beyond The Hunt, so sometimes my customers would ask for “the Easter Egg” as a dish I apparently had. Once I collected enough HUNT eggs, I got the badge, and decided to proceed with my adventure rather than create Wolffle House 2.

Redcliff City

Another generic city roleplay game. I’ve been going with these pretty frequently as I assume they’ll be a generally safe bet for an easy badge. This particular one greeted me with a screen asking me to choose if I wanted to play in “Peaceful” or “Loud” mode, which is a good sign. Knowing Roblox, I chose “Peaceful,” for the sake of my ears. The Hunt for this game seems to be a pretty ordinary scavenger hunt, with a little twist in that you’re looking for “artifacts” and the NPC giving you the quest looks a little like Indiana Jones.

In the end it was less of a scavenger hunt and more of a “follow a line of arrows directing you to a point, then do it again for a different one” mission. A lot of walking, and Roblox walking is not particularly engaging. I tried to spawn a vehicle to see if I could cover ground faster, but instead, the vehicles just placed me in the ground whenever I tried to operate them. Oh well. There weren’t that many pieces, and the game was, as my selection dictated, peaceful, even when I got up midway through to go have dinner.

Survive The Killer

I let Paula choose the game this time, and she very excitedly picked this one. This is another game I’ve played before – one of the first games I ever played on Roblox, actually. I don’t remember exactly why, but this was one of the earliest games featured on stream[1] and it remained a staple of Roblox streams for a while. It’s basically just Dead By Daylight in Roblox, and I haven’t played that game, but this one is pretty fun. I’m not particularly good or bad at it, and that’s just fine with me. The Hunt quest for this game is to escape with a certain item in your hand, simple as that. I played an unusually easy game of Survive The Killer where I just hid under a desk in a classroom the entire time and escaped without any trouble. I was very thankful the killer didn’t even enter the room I was in, because I was unable to actually hide in the lockers scattered around the map…my avatar’s tail stuck out. The prices I pay for aesthetics. Regardless, I got my badge, and a cool knife to use in the game if I ever play it again.

Swordburst 3

I let Paula choose another game for me, and I guess letting her choose the games means I have to actually play games with combat. This one has the polished feeling of Fruit Battlegrounds, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were by the same developers. It had a full-on original vocal song for its menu screen. Thankfully it was a PvE game and not PvP, and it looked very nice, but that’s about where the compliments end. The Hunt’s challenge was to get 25 eggs as drops from monsters. Sure, I’m used to this kind of grinding. However…the drop rate was so bad. I felt like I was playing WoW Classic, and not in a good way. This one took me about half an hour to grind out. I could have just left, but I was doing other stuff in other tabs and it wasn’t difficult, just…wow, it was not designed with fun in mind.

Spray Paint

I decided for my next game I would go with something that wasn’t roleplay, wasn’t a tycoon, didn’t seem to be combat, just something totally out of left field. And for that, I chose this. Upon entering the game I got presented with a list of rules to not be a jerk and break TOS, and then an option to enable a “safe mode” where I would not see other people’s drawings and they would not see mine. Ah, a drawing game, I see. It’s a pretty neat environment, with all sorts of different things to spray paint on. I ran around the map trying to figure out what to do for The Hunt, and found an NPC out in the open asking for help, but had to run around the entire rest of the map to even figure out a hint as to what to do next. I don’t think it needed to have any obvious arrow lines or anything, but maybe some kind of sign or hint as to where to go would have been nice. The quest itself had a neat little element where you had to draw in order to complete it, likely to get people interested in actually interacting with the game as intended. Again, that’s about it for the compliments. There was a section where you had to run around the map finding some items, and I ran around forever until I realized there was a sewer area you had to enter by interacting with a manhole that blended into the ground. All the while, I was being bombarded with people trying to votekick each other, spraying over each other’s art, and near the end, someone writing some rather profane things and going completely unnoticed while a different troll tried to votekick people who were doing nothing wrong. Ah, Roblox.

The Floor Is LAVA (DNF)

Another day in the Roblox mines. I picked this one as my first for this evening because I thought it would be a pretty easy “survive the disasters” type game, and in theory it is pretty easy, but in practice it’s mostly an obby game and I have already established that I am awful at obbies. I played a few rounds, wondering when The Hunt would be implemented, until the map rotation was suddenly marked with The Hunt and I assumed that surviving on this map would get you the badge. Unfortunately, I did not survive on this map, and I did not feel like waiting for the rotation to get back to it only for me to fail again, so I just left the game. My patience is (perhaps too) high for mindless grinding, but repeated failures at platforming make me instantly impatient for whatever reason. There are plenty more games to visit, anyway.

Lumberjack Simulator

This one is different from Lumber Tycoon 2, and is actually much more closely related to Pull A Sword, seeming to be by the same devs. Unfortunately, it also has the brain-meltingly overwhelming UI. At least I know it’ll be easy enough to AFK, I suppose. This one has exactly the same progression and gameplay as Pull A Sword, but it makes slightly less sense, IMO. Pull A Sword had you training to get the strength to pull a sword out of a stone. That’s silly, but it’s enough of a specific trope that it works. Lumberjack Simulator consists of you training to…chop down a tree faster than another NPC lumberjack? And those NPCs are really out of nowhere. The lumberjacks in World 1 start as normal humans and end with “Magic Lizard.” Okay. The Goku parody pet is here too, by the way. You better believe I got him. Getting the badge required you beat World 1 and fight the “secret boss,” which was an Easter bunny. It wasn’t hard to do by just leaving the game open to automatically grind.

War Tycoon (DNF)

We can all agree, war is bad. That’s pretty evident. But here in Roblox, there are tycoons for it. I’m gonna be honest, I picked this one because I thought it would be stupid shitty Roblox jank I could laugh at, but this was a genuinely bad-feeling game to play. Not because of the gameplay – that was just normal Roblox tycoon stuff – but the fact that it was a normal Roblox tycoon based off of real life war and the causes for such felt really nasty. In order to leave the area you spawn in and go look for The Hunt quest items, you have to complete part of the tycoon itself, and that involves buying machines to extract oil from the ground as well as buying realistic guns. The mission for The Hunt involved going around the city to find generic blue crates, and the city was some kind of generic Middle Eastern city, but completely war-torn. It was honestly pretty sickening. It was taking way too long to walk around the map (I assume the intent was that I would play enough of the tycoon itself to have access to a vehicle before doing this) and the actual environment was way too realistically tragic for what was ostensibly a kids’ game. There are some big political commentaries I could make here, I guess, but sometimes shit just sucks. I have a fairly high tolerance for bad taste in Roblox, but this was way too much.

Mega Hide and Seek (DNF)

After that last one, I figured I’d play something that was less likely to be a sickening theme park replication of real life wars. Hide and seek is fun, right? Not much can go wrong with that, I hope? Oh, there’s a “jailbreak” mode? Where some of the players are police and some are inmates? I see. It’s clearly way more cartoony, but it still doesn’t feel great, especially when my character was automatically placed in a police costume. I got yelled at in chat for “camping” and the game was slow-paced and not very fun, so I didn’t bother with trying to reach the two wins necessary to get the badge.

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition

I’ve dealt with some real stinkers this round, so I figured I’d specifically pick my next game to be one I’ve actually played before and at least mostly know what to expect. I was a big Warriors fan as a kid, and I’ve casually watched the development of this Roblox game for a while. Did you know it’s official? That’s pretty wild to me. I remember playing the really bare-bones “RPG” on the official website back in the day. Enough nostalgia, though. Let’s see how this pretty decent cat roleplay game implements its mission for The Hunt. There’s a teleport to the event on the title screen, which is appreciated. There are options to create a character or load a preset, if you want to just get right into the gameplay and aren’t interested in making your special little warrior cat. I actually have a preset of my own, and that is a recreation of my cat Starbuck. He’s pretty easy to make in games, as he’s a tiny black cat and not much else. I like to run around as him and be a nuisance.

The game spawned me in a very dark area, so I was pretty disoriented at first, but I ran around a bit and found enough eggs to get the badge. I only needed to find three for the badge itself, and if I had wanted to track down more, I could have gotten some ingame accessories, but I don’t really have any need for accessories, since I don’t play this game much, and when I do, I play as my stupid naked little cat from real life.

  1. Will: This is because we had started playing Roblox around the Halloween season, and if I don’t play seasonally appropriate games, my soul withers away. ↩︎

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