Roblox - The Hunt, Part 2

Posted by starsystemerror on Apr 4, 2024

Another day of The Hunt has passed. I had dreams about the Tsunami Game last night. After my daily required running around as a creature in Sonaria to restore my sanity after work, I resumed my quest for badges.

Mega Mansion Tycoon

My first game for the evening was a pretty standard Roblox Tycoon Game. You slowly generate money, and step on buttons to spend money and make pieces of an environment appear. These pieces cause you to generate more money, and so on. The Hunt integration in this game was very straightforward, with every 20 buttons pressed getting you an egg, and four eggs getting you the badge. It didn’t take very long, thankfully, and the game was so perfectly generic, without any obnoxious music or loud noises. It was one of those games where whenever you touch something you don’t currently have the sufficient amount of ingame currency to buy, it brings up a screen to buy more with Robux (real money). That’s common for Roblox, but it’s always annoying.

Car Dealership Tycoon

I opened this one up figuring it’d just be another somewhat-relaxing tycoon game, but apparently I had played it before already. I remember this was one from the Car Games stream, where we did minimal tycoon-building and spent most of the time in this game doing stupid races and chasing each other around the city. My existing dealership was named “first i park my car,” which was an amazing thing to see upon starting the game and not remembering I had played it before at first.

As far as The Hunt goes, it’s a simple scavenger hunt where you look for bunnies around the game’s city. You don’t have to search the whole map, just the main city area, and you’re given a free car to do this with, so you don’t have to bother with being a Car Dealership Tycoon if you don’t want to. It’s even a nicer car than any of the ones I had unlocked when I last played this game. I ended up using one of my old slower cars, though, so I could actually see the bunnies instead of flying right by them.

A silly low-poly chocolate bunny with googly eyes.

The bunnies are really funny-looking, by the way. I liked them.

SpongeBob Simulator

Once again, I prove that I do not understand what “simulator” means on Roblox. This game is…literally just Pet Simulator, but it’s SpongeBob themed. I don’t even know. This one is rotting my brain a bit. You collect “buddies” that are just little versions of SpongeBob characters. You click on things to fight them. Destroying them gets you money. You use money to buy “clams” which are just Pet Simulator eggs. There are rare versions of SpongeBob characters. There are gold versions of SpongeBob characters. My strongest “buddy” by the time I finished my quests for The Hunt was Golden Karate Sandy Cheeks. I did some other quests and unlocked the ability to run around as SpongeBob, which meant he was like, parading around little versions of his friends and making them fight stuff, which was really weird. When I activated the SpongeBob morph and showed it to Will he screamed IRL. What’s really funny is I think doing the quests for The Hunt also gave me the same SpongeBob morph? What a letdown for uh…the people who regularly play SpongeBob Simulator. The quests, by the way, were tedious as all hell. It was slightly easier once I unlocked the third area and got my little guys to automatically attack stuff instead of having to click on each individual things, but the quests kept me entirely in the first three areas of the game. The challenge for Pet Simulator itself was way more engaging and actually got me to try to progress in the game rather than just leaving it open while I typed a paragraph about how it was rotting my brain.

Collect All Pets

I don’t really know what I expected… it’s another Pet Simulator. I’m assuming that one came first and the rest of these are all clones, since that’s what Roblox tends to do. The pets are pretty cute, at least. The game is pretty slow-paced compared to the breakneck pacing of Pet Simulator and the bizarre awkwardness SpongeBob Simulator. The Hunt quest was only to discover 30 pets, which was easily done, since the smaller quests in the game frequently gave eggs and there were some scattered around the world for a fun little distraction. Mostly, it was just more “wait for your little creatures to destroy a bunch of valuable things.” Why are these little creatures destroying valuable things, anyway? They come into existence fully formed from generic eggs, only to be put to work bashing their little heads against piles of coins or crystals or treasure chests. It’s all they know, and ever will know. Such is the life of a Roblox pet. Destined to be simulated over and over again by children watching numbers go up.

Escape Running Head (DNF)

Enough of pets. Enough of tycoons. I need some ACTION. And for that, I’m going to… escape running head, whatever that means. This game is horrendously popular, for some reason. It always has terrifyingly high player counts whenever I see it on my recommended page.

…Okay, what the fuck? Why is this so popular? I truly, genuinely, do not get it. Is it some kind of joke I don’t know about? Why is this somewhat-scary scribbled-on head chasing me around a maze? Why is it a maze? If I had known it was going to just be a maze running game, I probably wouldn’t have even tried it, to be honest. I am what I like to refer to as “directionally insane,” and cannot find my way out of a maze in the simplest of situations, least of all with Running Head chasing me. I got to a point where there were three in one hallway that I could not seem to outrun, and I gave up, because unlike the many, many children playing this game, I do not find this fun.

Fruit Battlegrounds (DNF)

This is another insanely popular game on Roblox. It seems to be based off of One Piece, I think? It’s one of those super polished, high production value games you encounter every so often on Roblox. I have a feeling I won’t get far in this, since I’m not great at combat games, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

First off, I tried to just click “play” and it told me I could not spawn in without a fruit. Okay. I had to go “spin” a fruit. Ah, more gambling mechanics. How Roblox loves those. I got the “barrier” fruit. I assume that makes a barrier. I tried to use it in combat, but I couldn’t figure out what it did, because I immediately fell into a corner and got blasted with a beam and killed by someone. I spawned in again and fought with someone else, managing to use my barrier attack, but I lost that fight and I also couldn’t seem to figure out where the hell the quest for The Hunt was. Really neat game, really polished, really not my cup of tea, especially since I couldn’t get what I came there for, which was a silly little badge from an event.

Metro Life

Okay, maybe action’s not my style. Maybe I just need to chill out and experience life. Metro Life. It’s another one of those generic modern life roleplay games, and this one spawns you with a menu set up to look like a smartphone on your screen. Cute. The environment reminds me of the few times I’ve played Second Life, actually. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve played it. Real and unreal at the same time, a gathering place with no one gathering. I guess If I wanted a relaxing experience, this was it. The “challenge” for The Hunt was to ride very, very slowly in a hot air balloon over the map collecting some orbs. I felt like I was about to fall asleep playing this. It was easy, sure, and not even particularly brain-destroying. Just plain soporific.


If that one was so easy, I might as well try another basic RP game. This one also had a smartphone UI, which was even more a part of the game than the last one. The Hunt challenge was actually to use this phone’s knockoff Snapchat app to take pictures of eggs around the park that you spawn in at. It was a little clunky and hard to get used to the controls at first, but really charming and a fun twist on the “walk around and find eggs” challenge. It was really funny how every time I opened the ingame app I needed to use, it defaulted to the front camera and showed me my avatar at a low angle like an old guy on Facebook taking a profile photo.

Elemental Powers Tycoon

I figured I’d wrap up the night with another tycoon. This one was really classic Roblox tycoon style, with the droppers and everything. The combat was actually really fun, which is saying something because I usually hate the arbitrary combat in generic tycoon games. You pick an element when you start the game, and you upgrade your control over that element. I chose Technology, of course. The quests for The Hunt were to collect a green egg (very easy, they spawned all over the map very frequently), defeat any boss (also easy, they spawned every 10 minutes and everyone in the server would gang up on them), and to complete any elemental tycoon. This last one was interesting, because in some tycoon games, “completing” them takes a very, very long time. However, in these really classic style ones, it’s fairly trivial to “complete” the tycoon part, and in this and I assume plenty of other tycoons, there’s a “rebirth” mechanic that’s like prestiging in other games, where you sacrifice your current earnings to have boosted earnings when you start over. I did not bother to rebirth, and just collected my badge and dipped once I pressed my last button. Honestly, a pretty decent game for what it was.

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