My first PixiJS project

Posted by brilokuloj on Oct 30, 2023

My story Needleminder’s first anniversary as an independently published work is coming up very soon. I’ve had an idea for a while now about what I wanted the next update to be, but it’s certainly going to be an undertaking.

That’s why I’m finally trying to figure out how to get into HTML5 development! Not to give too many spoilers, but I would like to make something interactive and animated. But I haven’t really made any web art on that scale before.

That’s why I’m trying out PixiJS, a library for making animated website graphics. Allegedly, this is a good kit for making games, but time will tell if I can actually make anything with it or if the Java will Script me in the end.

With that news, check out my very first PixiJS creation:

Amazing, isn’t it? I should be making the next Elder Scrolls game

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