Roblox - The Hunt, Part 6

Posted by starsystemerror on May 6, 2024

So, that last one was so bad that I actually had to take a few days off of The Hunt out of exhaustion. I didn’t feel like actually picking a game to play to get back into it, so I just chose the first one I saw in The Hunt hub world.


IHOP’s Nasty Pancake Chips

Posted by palabomeno on May 6, 2024

We are starting to really hate tie in chip flavors by now. We know that they’re nothing new, not even when they started becoming the primary way the Frito-Lay company develops new flavors. But we would prefer it if some of the tie-ins made sense. Sure, this is a great way to try out weird and possibly unpleasant chip flavors! We loved Wasabi and Soy Sauce! Some of those Tastes of America chips were pretty good! But in what universe do you think of potato chips and IHOP in the same thought?

Well, it’s this universe.


Cleaning My Tabs #2

Posted by brilokuloj on Apr 27, 2024

Over the past few weeks I experienced a depressive episode and racked up to 327 open tabs! You know what that means - TIME TO CLEAN MY TABS!


Roblox - The Hunt, Part 5

Posted by starsystemerror on Apr 27, 2024

It snowed so hard that I couldn’t make it to work today, so that means more time for horrible Roblox games. I entered the hub for the event and picked the first game I hadn’t tried. That game happened to be Muscle Legends. The goal of this game seems to be to gain strength by lifting weights, as with all these bodybuilding-type games which are apparently a thing on Roblox.


Cleaning My Tabs

Posted by brilokuloj on Apr 20, 2024

On April 3, at 8:45 PM, with nothing else to do except suffer, I began the task of cleaning out my more than 400 open Firefox tabs.

This isn’t all of them because that would be insane. But here’s a look into my life. I hope you enjoy it.

Also, clean out your tabs. It’s good for you.


Roblox - The Hunt, Part 4

Posted by starsystemerror on Apr 20, 2024

After the nightmare that was last evening of The Hunt, I figured I’d go with as safe a bet as possible.