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Today’s card is the Ten of Wands.

A person carries ten wands, a burden clearly too heavy for them to bear. A town is nearby, presumably their goal; will they even make it in time before their encumbrance overwhelms them?

The Ten of Wands is another clear-cut card, representing overwhelming burden and struggle. The subject of the card is labored in the extreme, bend nearly in double by the weight of their wands. It appears, from the angle of their walk, that they are even coming close to tumbling over. When you see the Ten of Wands, it is a sign that you are putting too much pressure on yourself. Whether the responsibilities be reasonable or not, you must look to lighten the load, for your own sake.


Today’s card is the Six of Wands.

A horseman wearing a laurel and riding a white horse rides with their entourage, carrying a staff with another laurel upon it. The rider and their horse are richly decorated, as well are the footmen on the ground.

The Six of Wands is one of the Minor Arcana cards that can be directly compared to a Major Arcana card; in this case, the Chariot. Both signify triumph and driving action, but the Six of Wands focuses more on the after effects of such events. The Six of Wands emanates a sense of victory and pride. After a successful show of force, one almost always feels prideful and self-confident in themselves. With the Six of Wands, you are being told your time in the sun is coming.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – King of Wands

Today’s card is the King of Wands.

The King of Wands is on his throne, emblazoned with images of salamanders and lions. He holds his wand and sits upright, his free arm held up slightly with a clenched fist. Standing on the base of his throne is a wild salamander.

The King of Wands is a dark figure, whose magnetic personality makes him the ideal leader. His greatest failing is that he lacks the good humor of the other Wands court cards. Though not without his charms, the King is a somewhat dour figure who prefers to take a more realistic outlook on a situation. Humor is another tool to him, to be used where appropriate. The King of Wands is more focused on the long-term goal, and how he can work with others to achieve it. The King of Wands in a drawing is a sign of letting yourself take the lead, and remembering to stay charismatic.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Five of Wands

Today’s card is the Five of Wands.

Five people, each wielding a staff of their own, have entered an entanglement. It is unknown if the battle is for fun or in seriousness, but they fight with gusto.

In life, disagreements are inevitable. The Five of Wands’s aspect revolves around strife, argument, and disagreeing. When a large enough group of people get together, clashes of opinions and feelings are almost always inevitable after enough time. When this happens, it is in the best interest of everyone involved to lower their hackles and try to look at things from the most objective points of view. Otherwise, no one gets out unscathed!

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Page of Wands

Today’s card is the Page of Wands.

A youth in extravagant, salamander-adorned robes stands in the desert and observes their staff. They are young, inexperienced, but full of charm and passion. No matter what is to be before them, they are prepared.

Like the other Wand court cards, the Page of Wands is the kind of person that makes up the life of the party. Unlike the others, the Page is the youngest, and has not yet developed the kind of experience that tempers their endless enthuseasm. It may be a sure-fire plan to get themselves hurt, but the Page of Wands doesn’t really care. In the short time they have while they are ignorant, they want to embrace that ignorance and everything that comes with it. Now is not the time for thinking – it is the time for fun.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Nine of Wands

Today’s card is the Nine of Wands.

A person clutches a wand, hiding behind a barricade of wands behind them. Their head is bandaged and they are holding the wand close to their body, as if awaiting an attack upon their person. Though the person is clearly hurt, they are still alert and ready for counter-attack.

This card shows up when you need a reminder to show caution. You’ve been hurt before – who hasn’t? – and the last thing you need is for it to happen again. It’s a smart idea to always be on the defensive, but always remember overdoing it is a huge possibility. Though this person is wounded, hanging on to your weapon for the rest of your life will just exhaust you.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Queen of Wands

Today’s card is the Queen of Wands.

The Queen of Wands clutches her wand and a picked sunflower while sitting on her throne. Her throne is decorated with rampant lions, and a black cat sits at its base.

The Queen of Wands is a cheerful kind of person, filled with good humor and good tidings. Though she is more inwardly focused than the King of her suit, less energetic than the Knight, and possibly even creative than the Page, she has something they all lack: a certain personal magnetism. She is receptive, joyful, and always pleasant to be around. When you draw the Queen of Wands, consider it a sign to keep your mind open and your spirits high.