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Today’s card is The Fool.

A young man walks by the cliffsides, admiring the beautiful sky above him. He carries nothing but a small purse tied to a stick, a flower, and the clothing on his back. A small dog accompanies him, barking at his heels, trying to warn him of the obvious that he is missing: He is about to step off the edge of a cliff.

The Fool occupies a unique position in the tarot deck: it is the unnumbered, or zeroth card in the Major Arcana. It exists – depending on who you ask – outside of, before, or after the rest of the Major Arcana as a whole. This card stems from the trick-taking tarot games the occult deck is derived from, where it is a special card that will always lose a trick; henceforth, it is numbered zero, even lower than the first trump. The most typical meanings assigned to this card (aside from literal foolishness) is that it represents new beginnings. The Fool doesn’t care where he is going, only that he is going somewhere new. Though this is a most dangerous endeavor, the Fool hardly even notices. He’s just glad he’s out here.