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Today’s card is The Devil.

The Devil! Satan himself perches atop a post, posed in the traditional Lévian “as above, so below” motif. Attacked to the post is a ring with chains that lead to the necks of demons, one male and one female, both totally nude. Though chained, the bondage of the demons is voluntary; the neck holes of their chains are more than large enough to simply slip out of.

Though the Devil is one of the more ominous cards in the deck, it is by no means the worst. Its primary meanings involve bondage, being tied down, and a sense of being stuck. You are being held in darkness and ignorance with little hope of escape. However, you’re only a prisoner inside your own head. Once you realize that you are holding yourself down, you have the power to free yourself.

As well as these meanings, the Devil is a card of the more base pleasures. Sex, good food, drink; the Devil encourages these to an excess. It is tempting to interpret this as a license for wild abandon, but one must remember that is what the Devil would want.