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Today’s card is Strength.

A woman in a white dress, with an infinity halo hovering above her head, holds the head of a lion in her hands. The lion looks up to her, totally cowed and tamed. Atop the woman’s head is a crown of flowers, and she is tied to the lion by a similar wreath.

Strength obviously signifies strength but by no means the physical kind. It is endurance and courage: though the lion could easily maul the woman, her inner fortitude renders it powerless before her. Psychological strength almost always prevails in situations where the physical fails. The card of Strength reminds us that with enough willpower, anything is possible. The strongest of bodies are meaningless if one cannot hone the mind.

Strength is especially notable for being the victim of Arthur Edward Waite’s inexplicable swapping of its original place and that of Justice. Waite felt there was no reason to explain his actions, and his switch has now become the accepted arrangement of the Major Arcana’s numbering system. We may never understand why.