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OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Page of Wands

Today’s card is the Page of Wands.

A youth in extravagant, salamander-adorned robes stands in the desert and observes their staff. They are young, inexperienced, but full of charm and passion. No matter what is to be before them, they are prepared.

Like the other Wand court cards, the Page of Wands is the kind of person that makes up the life of the party. Unlike the others, the Page is the youngest, and has not yet developed the kind of experience that tempers their endless enthuseasm. It may be a sure-fire plan to get themselves hurt, but the Page of Wands doesn’t really care. In the short time they have while they are ignorant, they want to embrace that ignorance and everything that comes with it. Now is not the time for thinking – it is the time for fun.