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OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – The High Priestess

Today’s card is The High Priestess.

The High Priestess sits serenely, reading the Torah, between the pillars of Boaz and Jachin. At her feet is a crescent moon, and behind her is a tapestry of pomegranates in the shape of the Tree of Life.

The High Priestess represents secrecy, hidden knowledge, and serenity. Her attitude is stolid, she says little, but her actions speak deeply for her. When the High Priestess comes into play, there is a deep secret inside the situation at hand that only a select few can know about. What does she know that you don’t?


Today’s card is The Moon.

A face in the moon glares down, critically. At the edge of the water, at the beginning of a long path between two towers, a dog and a wolf howl. Between them, a crustacean crawls from the waters onto land.

The Moon represents mystery, secrets, and the oddities of the mind. The three animals represent the three Freudian partitions of the mind: the wolf is the Id, the unrestrained needer of pleasure; the crustacean the Superego, pure alien logic; and the dog the Ego, a synthesis of logic and emotion that brings greater thinking. These three creatures stand at the start of a long, long path that leads over the horizon. The Moon drives us to begin our journey on this path, to free ourselves from the fears of the unconscious mind, and to become something greater than a mere animal: a Person.

OCCULT: Daily Draw – The Hanged Man

Today’s card is The Hanged Man.

A young person is hanging upside-down from a cross, their arms and legs folded behind them. Though in quite the predicament, they show no sign of worry – in fact, a golden halo emanates from their head.

The Hanged Man is a complicated card. Though on one hand it is clearly about being strung up and left to dry, it represents the situation where that is exactly where you want to be. When the Hanged Man is drawn, it is best to let go, close your eyes, and let the world pass by you. You’re tied up and hanging upside-down – what’s the use of worrying futher?

OCCULT: Daily Draw – The Tower

Today’s card is The Tower.

Ah, shit, it’s the Tower! A divine bolt of lightning strikes a rectangular tower, knocking the crown off of it and sending its inhabitants flying. Mysterious orbs of flame hover around it, as flames ravage its surface.

No one wants to see the Tower! Sure, the joke goes “oh, Death just means change” and all but THIS is card you should make you run out of the psychic’s parlor when she flips it over! Okay, seriously, it’s not THAT bad. Though the Tower promises bad times coming up, it’s almost always for a good reason. The tower in the card is being felled for its hubris, and when you draw the Tower in a reading, expect a taste of humble pie.

OCCULT: Daily Draw – Temperance

Today’s card is Temperance.

Temperance, at its simplest, is about harmonizing between two extremes. The androgynous angel pours water between their goblets, but note that the water pours up from the bottom chalice to the top.

To demonstrate temperance, try to find the connection between the extremes in your daily life. Where do you feel pulled and pushed? What are you doing that feels contradictory to who you really are? By finding the right compromises between your actual and idealized self, you too could make something as impossible as water flowing up happen.