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Today’s card is Justice.

A judge sits upon their station, holding a sword and scales – the symbols of the ancient goddess Justitia. The sword represents the reach of the law, and its ability to punish wrongdoers, while the scales represent fairness and equality.

Justice is blind, or so the saying goes – and the card Justice lives up to that as well as it can. Justice is concerned with equality, fairness, and making sure that those who take advantage of others are put back in their place. On the other hand, Justice concerns itself with responsibility, making important decisions, and “doing the right thing”. When Justice comes up in a drawing, it is a sign that you must be forthright in all of your dealings, fair to others, and ready to make the hard choices in life.


Today’s card is Death.

When Death rides on its pale horse, no one is spared. Royals, clergy, and common folk alike; there is no escaping from Death’s black banner, no bargaining, and no mercy. Far in the background, the sun sets between a pair of towers – or is it rising?

In the common consciousness of tarot, there is no worse card than Death. Tarot enthusiasts know that isn’t true – the card worse than Death is the Tower, naturally – but Death isn’t all sunshine and roses. Death is the card of change; a metaphorical death, the end of one state and the beginning of another. This isn’t a pleasant state to be in, but its march is unstoppable. You will end up changing over your life, one way or another. How you want to deal with it is up to you.


Today’s card is The Fool.

A young man walks by the cliffsides, admiring the beautiful sky above him. He carries nothing but a small purse tied to a stick, a flower, and the clothing on his back. A small dog accompanies him, barking at his heels, trying to warn him of the obvious that he is missing: He is about to step off the edge of a cliff.

The Fool occupies a unique position in the tarot deck: it is the unnumbered, or zeroth card in the Major Arcana. It exists – depending on who you ask – outside of, before, or after the rest of the Major Arcana as a whole. This card stems from the trick-taking tarot games the occult deck is derived from, where it is a special card that will always lose a trick; henceforth, it is numbered zero, even lower than the first trump. The most typical meanings assigned to this card (aside from literal foolishness) is that it represents new beginnings. The Fool doesn’t care where he is going, only that he is going somewhere new. Though this is a most dangerous endeavor, the Fool hardly even notices. He’s just glad he’s out here.


Today’s card is The Hermit.

The Hermit, naturally stands alone. With his enormous white beard and gray robes, he holds a lantern in his right hand and a staff in his left. The Hermit lives a lonely life, always searching for Truth, but rarely finding it.

A hermitage is a strong position to take in the search for greater knowledge but for a true seeker it is almost always necessary. The Hermit is not the enlightened one, as some might interpret him as, but is someone deep into the path of inner understanding. By cutting off his ties to the mortal world, the Hermit is able to focus all of his physical and mental energy into the search for the ultimate treasure, himself. When you draw the Hermit, take some time for yourself for once! You are being told that it is time to withdraw, take a breather, and start looking for what you really need. Once you’ve found it, you can return to the world a new person.


Today’s card is Strength.

A woman in a white dress, with an infinity halo hovering above her head, holds the head of a lion in her hands. The lion looks up to her, totally cowed and tamed. Atop the woman’s head is a crown of flowers, and she is tied to the lion by a similar wreath.

Strength obviously signifies strength but by no means the physical kind. It is endurance and courage: though the lion could easily maul the woman, her inner fortitude renders it powerless before her. Psychological strength almost always prevails in situations where the physical fails. The card of Strength reminds us that with enough willpower, anything is possible. The strongest of bodies are meaningless if one cannot hone the mind.

Strength is especially notable for being the victim of Arthur Edward Waite’s inexplicable swapping of its original place and that of Justice. Waite felt there was no reason to explain his actions, and his switch has now become the accepted arrangement of the Major Arcana’s numbering system. We may never understand why.


Today’s card is The Devil.

The Devil! Satan himself perches atop a post, posed in the traditional Lévian “as above, so below” motif. Attacked to the post is a ring with chains that lead to the necks of demons, one male and one female, both totally nude. Though chained, the bondage of the demons is voluntary; the neck holes of their chains are more than large enough to simply slip out of.

Though the Devil is one of the more ominous cards in the deck, it is by no means the worst. Its primary meanings involve bondage, being tied down, and a sense of being stuck. You are being held in darkness and ignorance with little hope of escape. However, you’re only a prisoner inside your own head. Once you realize that you are holding yourself down, you have the power to free yourself.

As well as these meanings, the Devil is a card of the more base pleasures. Sex, good food, drink; the Devil encourages these to an excess. It is tempting to interpret this as a license for wild abandon, but one must remember that is what the Devil would want.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – The Hierophant

Today’s card is The Hierophant.

The Hierophant sits in his finery and is attended by two monks. In his left hand he holds a triple cross scepter, and in the other he makes the hand sign of the cross. On the base of his throne are the keys of the Catholic church.

Though the easiest connection to make with regards to the Hierophant is the pope and the Catholic church as a whole, his meaning extends much deeper than that. The Hierophant represents institution as a whole. Whether it be church, school, or government, each one is headed by a little Hierophant of its own. The Hierophant stresses the importance of following the rules, staying safely within your lane, and – stressing this the hardest – obeying the Hierophant.


Today’s card is The Emperor.

The Emperor sits in a ram-embellished throne, holding the scepter and globe. Behind him is a tall mountain range, underneath which a river flows. Underneath his red robes, he wears a suit of plate armor.

Taking it as literally as possible, the Emperor represents worldly authority. Aside from the emperors of the world, it represents all kinds of leaders, authority figures, and people who are capable of taking charge of a situation through force of personality. Looking deeper, the Emperor also represents masculine energy; destructive forces, the formation of structure, and authority over others. The most essential attribute of the Emperor is his will, through which almost anything can be accomplished.


Today’s card is Judgement.

An archangel blows their trumpet, signalling the final judgement of mankind before the new reign of Heaven. A man, a child, and woman rise from their tombs, completely naked, ready to be raised to their final reward.

Judgement is the end of all things. Is is not the ending itself, however. It is the beginning of the end, when the cast takes their final bow before the curtain falls for the last time. Judgement shows up when a long-standing cycle is about to fall in on itself. Never let the end of things take you by surprise! You will find that the end is always closer than you expect.


Today’s card is The Sun.

A naked child rides a white horse while bearing a red standard. The Sun, at its zenith, rises above a wall of sunflowers. The child wears a garland of flowers on their head, and sits exultant, riding in total triumph.

The Sun! What more can be said? The Sun represents the total, final victory – the dawn breaking after the inglorious night. When you draw the Sun, understand that you are on the precipice of your greatest wishes being granted. All will be revealed in the sun’s light – no more secrets, no more lies, and no more mysteries. You will be born anew, gleeful like a child, and bare of anything weighting you down.