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Today’s card is The Sun.

A naked child rides a white horse while bearing a red standard. The Sun, at its zenith, rises above a wall of sunflowers. The child wears a garland of flowers on their head, and sits exultant, riding in total triumph.

The Sun! What more can be said? The Sun represents the total, final victory – the dawn breaking after the inglorious night. When you draw the Sun, understand that you are on the precipice of your greatest wishes being granted. All will be revealed in the sun’s light – no more secrets, no more lies, and no more mysteries. You will be born anew, gleeful like a child, and bare of anything weighting you down.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Five of Swords

Today’s Yesterday’s card is the Five of Swords.

Three people walk their separate ways, after some kind of disagreement. The one furthest in the background holds their head in their hands, dejected; in the midground, another walks away with dignity. Standing fore is the subject of this card, holding the swords of their former companions. They grin, smugly, the victor of some kind of argument – but at what cost?

The Five of Swords is all about dishonor, lies, and trust-breaking. By betraying their comrades, the subject of the card now holds all the swords – but what use are they without friends to hold them? When drawn in a reading, the Five of Swords warns us of a potential back-stabber in your midst… one that might even be you, yourself. Be conscious of how you treat others, lest you find yourself holding all of the swords by your lonesome.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – The High Priestess

Today’s card is The High Priestess.

The High Priestess sits serenely, reading the Torah, between the pillars of Boaz and Jachin. At her feet is a crescent moon, and behind her is a tapestry of pomegranates in the shape of the Tree of Life.

The High Priestess represents secrecy, hidden knowledge, and serenity. Her attitude is stolid, she says little, but her actions speak deeply for her. When the High Priestess comes into play, there is a deep secret inside the situation at hand that only a select few can know about. What does she know that you don’t?


Today’s card is The Moon.

A face in the moon glares down, critically. At the edge of the water, at the beginning of a long path between two towers, a dog and a wolf howl. Between them, a crustacean crawls from the waters onto land.

The Moon represents mystery, secrets, and the oddities of the mind. The three animals represent the three Freudian partitions of the mind: the wolf is the Id, the unrestrained needer of pleasure; the crustacean the Superego, pure alien logic; and the dog the Ego, a synthesis of logic and emotion that brings greater thinking. These three creatures stand at the start of a long, long path that leads over the horizon. The Moon drives us to begin our journey on this path, to free ourselves from the fears of the unconscious mind, and to become something greater than a mere animal: a Person.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Queen of Wands

Today’s card is the Queen of Wands.

The Queen of Wands clutches her wand and a picked sunflower while sitting on her throne. Her throne is decorated with rampant lions, and a black cat sits at its base.

The Queen of Wands is a cheerful kind of person, filled with good humor and good tidings. Though she is more inwardly focused than the King of her suit, less energetic than the Knight, and possibly even creative than the Page, she has something they all lack: a certain personal magnetism. She is receptive, joyful, and always pleasant to be around. When you draw the Queen of Wands, consider it a sign to keep your mind open and your spirits high.


Today’s card is the Two of Cups.

Two people stand in front of each other, each bearing a cup. Above them, a Caduceus floats, with the head of a lion sprouting from the top. The one on the right reaches out to the one on the left, as if to take their hand.

Though it’s no Lovers, the Two of Cups is an excellent love card. Most important is its significance as a sign of platonic love, rather than sexual or romantic. Though these two people are clearly close, they stand a good distance away from each other respectfully. The Two of Cups is a very versatile card when it comes to relationships: it can mean a friendship, a relationship on the cusp of becoming something larger, or even a romance being kept at arm’s length. No matter the details of the love, Two of Cups is without a doubt the second-most lovey-dovey card in the deck!

OCCULT: Daily Draw – Four of Cups

Today’s card is the Four of Cups.

A person sits underneath a tree, contemplating the three cups before them. They seem dissatisfied, and lost in thought – so lost they do not even notice the miraculous cloud beside them, holding out the fourth cup that would finish their set.

The Four of Cups represents missing information. Often times when we are faced with a problem, the solution is right under our noses. This leads us to feel awfully foolish once we find the answer! When you draw this card, try to think: what am I not seeing, here? When you are so focused on a single point, it becomes impossible to see what surrounds it.

OCCULT: Daily Draw – The Hanged Man

Today’s card is The Hanged Man.

A young person is hanging upside-down from a cross, their arms and legs folded behind them. Though in quite the predicament, they show no sign of worry – in fact, a golden halo emanates from their head.

The Hanged Man is a complicated card. Though on one hand it is clearly about being strung up and left to dry, it represents the situation where that is exactly where you want to be. When the Hanged Man is drawn, it is best to let go, close your eyes, and let the world pass by you. You’re tied up and hanging upside-down – what’s the use of worrying futher?

OCCULT: Daily Draw – Eight of Cups

Today’s card is the Eight of Cups.

The Eight of Cups, typically, is a warning sign. A person is shown journeying away, dejected, from a stack of eight cups. The moon eclipses the sun overhead, as a face upon the moon watches the person with interest.

When you see the Eight of Cups, it’s a sign that something isn’t working out. It’s a sign of feeling burned out, letting go, and moving on from the burdens that are keeping you down. Don’t just let these things keep you pinned down! Though it’s always a struggle to have to let go of sunk costs, you’ll be much, much happier once you’ve found new territory to tread.

OCCULT: Daily Draw – Seven of Swords

Today’s card is the Seven of Swords.

Another poor card! The Seven of Swords is a card of treachery. A man is seen running away from an encampment, clearly in the act of stealing swords. Five of the swords are in his arms, while the other two have fallen, stuck into the ground.

Seeing the Seven of Swords, typically, is a pretty bad sign. You’re right away put on your toes about the people around you – who’s going to stab me in the back? Who’s working against me in secret? But worst of all is when YOU are the focus of the Seven of Swords. Figuring out you’ve been running away from your responsibilities and letting people down is one of the harshest feelings in the world.

Of course, like any card, it’s not all bad. Sometimes the best thing to do in a situation is pack up and run as fast as you can, before you get brought down by the others. And who can blame a guy with such fashion sense? Look at that fez and those fur-lined boots!