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OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Knight of Pentacles

Today’s card is the Knight of Pentacles.

The knight is atop their black horse, wearing blued armor, and holding a pentacle before them. Their horse is especially strong and slow, and is loaded to bear.

The Knight of Pentacles knows what they want, and knows how to get it: Cold hard cash. They are careful, meticulous, and ensure that no detail is left unchecked in their quest for material wealth. This can be a downside to their quest, as their single-minded devotion to their own success can drive away others; it is doubtful the Knight minds much. Anything that gets in their way of becoming number one is just something to be plowed through.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Page of Wands

Today’s card is the Page of Wands.

A youth in extravagant, salamander-adorned robes stands in the desert and observes their staff. They are young, inexperienced, but full of charm and passion. No matter what is to be before them, they are prepared.

Like the other Wand court cards, the Page of Wands is the kind of person that makes up the life of the party. Unlike the others, the Page is the youngest, and has not yet developed the kind of experience that tempers their endless enthuseasm. It may be a sure-fire plan to get themselves hurt, but the Page of Wands doesn’t really care. In the short time they have while they are ignorant, they want to embrace that ignorance and everything that comes with it. Now is not the time for thinking – it is the time for fun.


Today’s card is The Devil.

The Devil! Satan himself perches atop a post, posed in the traditional Lévian “as above, so below” motif. Attacked to the post is a ring with chains that lead to the necks of demons, one male and one female, both totally nude. Though chained, the bondage of the demons is voluntary; the neck holes of their chains are more than large enough to simply slip out of.

Though the Devil is one of the more ominous cards in the deck, it is by no means the worst. Its primary meanings involve bondage, being tied down, and a sense of being stuck. You are being held in darkness and ignorance with little hope of escape. However, you’re only a prisoner inside your own head. Once you realize that you are holding yourself down, you have the power to free yourself.

As well as these meanings, the Devil is a card of the more base pleasures. Sex, good food, drink; the Devil encourages these to an excess. It is tempting to interpret this as a license for wild abandon, but one must remember that is what the Devil would want.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Eight of Swords

Today’s card is the Eight of Swords.

A person is bound, blindfolded, and trapped between eight swords. To move in any direction is to risk being sliced apart. However, their situation is not as dire as it seems: their bindings are already beginning to slip off of their body.

A dour card in a suit that only gets worse, the Eight of Swords signifies that you are in a situation where moving in any direction will just make things worse. Though it’s the most frustrating kind of position to be in, sometimes doing nothing is the best course of action. Our subject in the card is in quite the spot, but time will give them the help they need most. With patience, they will be freed from their predicament – but they must be patient.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – The Hierophant

Today’s card is The Hierophant.

The Hierophant sits in his finery and is attended by two monks. In his left hand he holds a triple cross scepter, and in the other he makes the hand sign of the cross. On the base of his throne are the keys of the Catholic church.

Though the easiest connection to make with regards to the Hierophant is the pope and the Catholic church as a whole, his meaning extends much deeper than that. The Hierophant represents institution as a whole. Whether it be church, school, or government, each one is headed by a little Hierophant of its own. The Hierophant stresses the importance of following the rules, staying safely within your lane, and – stressing this the hardest – obeying the Hierophant.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Nine of Wands

Today’s card is the Nine of Wands.

A person clutches a wand, hiding behind a barricade of wands behind them. Their head is bandaged and they are holding the wand close to their body, as if awaiting an attack upon their person. Though the person is clearly hurt, they are still alert and ready for counter-attack.

This card shows up when you need a reminder to show caution. You’ve been hurt before – who hasn’t? – and the last thing you need is for it to happen again. It’s a smart idea to always be on the defensive, but always remember overdoing it is a huge possibility. Though this person is wounded, hanging on to your weapon for the rest of your life will just exhaust you.


Today’s card is the Page of Cups.

A young person dressed in flamboyant clothing stands before the sea-side, holding a golden chalice. Inside the chalice is a small fish, which peeks out to look at the youth. The youth smiles, amused by the delightful situation before them.

The Page of Cups is, bar none, the silliest card in the deck. The Page dresses, acts, and believes in things that others find completely bizarre. They don’t care; they live life the way they care to despite any consequences. They are slow to anger and find delight in the smallest of things. Though this has its downsides, it grants them opportunities that others can never imagine… even being able to see a jolly fish in a cup.


Today’s card is The Emperor.

The Emperor sits in a ram-embellished throne, holding the scepter and globe. Behind him is a tall mountain range, underneath which a river flows. Underneath his red robes, he wears a suit of plate armor.

Taking it as literally as possible, the Emperor represents worldly authority. Aside from the emperors of the world, it represents all kinds of leaders, authority figures, and people who are capable of taking charge of a situation through force of personality. Looking deeper, the Emperor also represents masculine energy; destructive forces, the formation of structure, and authority over others. The most essential attribute of the Emperor is his will, through which almost anything can be accomplished.


Today’s card is Judgement.

An archangel blows their trumpet, signalling the final judgement of mankind before the new reign of Heaven. A man, a child, and woman rise from their tombs, completely naked, ready to be raised to their final reward.

Judgement is the end of all things. Is is not the ending itself, however. It is the beginning of the end, when the cast takes their final bow before the curtain falls for the last time. Judgement shows up when a long-standing cycle is about to fall in on itself. Never let the end of things take you by surprise! You will find that the end is always closer than you expect.

OCCULT: DAILY DRAW – Three of Pentacles

Today’s card is the Three of Pentacles.

A mason finishes their work – three engraved pentacles in an arch – as two others look on. One in an ornate robe holds the plans for this archway, and the other, a monk, simply observes.

Labor is a reoccurring theme in the suit of Pentacles, and the Three of Pentacles is one of several cards that depict the process of creation. This card represents the finished product of hard work, especially work that requires a great amount of practice. Talent is nothing compared to good, hard work, and the Three of Pentacles shows what can be reaped from applying yourself.

The Three of Pentacles is an unusual card, because it’s the only card in the deck where the symbol of the suit is in a different color than the other cards of its kind. Instead of being rendered in gold, the three pentacles are carved from stone. What this represents, if anything, is unknown to me.