EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Magic

Magic is the framework that makes Xarcadian life possible. Magic is soaked into the bones of the world and flows outward like a spring from every possible surface. Any Xarcadian can learn to wield this magic with time and effort; almost every Xarcadian knows at least one spell. Magic is studied as seriously as any science; really, on Xarcadia, magic is the word for science. Magic is the force that doesn’t just allow for the incredible manipulation of the world, but is the reason water flows downhill and lightning strikes from the sky.

Gods are the natural manifestation of this magical force into corporeal beings. When belief in a god grows, the magical energy accessible to that god grows as well. This is the reason gods must foster belief in order to survive: thought itself is a kind of magical energy, and the gods feed upon that energy like a plant absorbing sunlight. The gods take every step they can to maintain this magical relationship and their food supply.

Normal Xarcadians must study the rituals involved in magic carefully before they can learn to use magic, but Gods are capable of shifting the very fabric of the world with minimal effort. Consequently, the offspring of mortals and gods are powerful natural sorcerers in their own right. They aren’t capable of bending magic to their wills as their godly forebears are, but learn spells with an ease other mortals cannot.

The Magical University of Cosmopolis is the premiere magical research institute on Xarcadia and the source of many modern magical advancements. Aspiring magicians from all across the world make their pilgrimage to the Institute to learn at the most powerful magic-users of the day. The Institute’s magical laboratories labor day and night to discover the mysterious properties of the universe as Xarcadia knows it. These discoveries eventually filter down to the populace as new technology to the betterment of all.

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