EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Fun

Almost all labor on Xarcadia is automated, giving the common person a great deal of free time to enjoy themselves. Consequently, a much larger number of Xarcadians are trained in the arts compared to people on Earth. A majority of people would have some passing familiarity with a musical instrument and would very likely know how to play more than one. Drawing is a similarly popular pastime; the demand for painting supplies is constantly high.

The acting arts are tremendously popular and virtually every community will set aside time to perform plays. Playwrights are the Xarcadian ultra-star class; a particularly well known author of plays will have their name spoken across the entire world. Joining up with a touring vaudeville revue are a great way for a young and eager Xarcadian to see the world and meet new people.

Musicians are similarly cherished. What could be described as “folk music” is the most popular genre of Xarcadian song; one person, one instrument, and one story to be told plucks the Xarcadian heartstrings in a certain way. Larger ensembles are reserved for group dancing events.  No festival is complete without an enormous group dance, with dozens of people jumping and stomping the earth in unison to the most thumping folk-dance music you could ever hope to hear.

A recent invention is a magical means of transmitting images and sounds across displays, allowing for the broadcast of plays and music across all of Xarcadia. These “teloramas”, as they are known, are common enchanted mirrors housed within special receiver frames. A few ambitious theatre studios in Cosmopolis have begun producing media just for the telorama, the medium allowing for serialized dramas that would not be possible on the stage.

Another popular broadcast for the telorama are live sports. Kick-ball is the most widely watched sport: ostensibly about getting a ball from one side of the field to another only through kicking, the matches tend to devolve into bloody riots between the two teams trying to hold possession of the ball. Also popular are the broadcast of boardgames. The Interzonal Pebbleboard Tournament is one of the most watched broadcasts across Xarcadia – and one of the most popular events for gambling upon.

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