EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Xarcadians

Xarcadians are as varied as the stars in the sky. There is no true “average” Xarcadian – though there are a few predominant groups of people distributed through Xarcadia, none are so prevalent as to represent a pure majority.

Xarcadian elfs are the most prevalent species in Xarcadia and the only species that can be found in almost every zone. Elfs are not unlike humans, but with fae-like distinctions: they are often brightly colored, with long hair and tails – and, on occasion, horns. Culturally, they are a cosmopolitan people who enjoy fashion, music, and the arts to the point of excess. Elfish creative works are highly prized across Xarcadia for their flamboyance and extravagance.

Anthropomorphic animals are almost as common as elfs, but their vast variety in species discounts them from being a majority. Furries tend to live in zones that correspond to their real-world counterparts: a lion-person would almost never be found in Glacier Glades unless they moved there by choice. There is a staggeringly huge variety of furry species – common mammals are the most prevalent, but in certain zones there are insect, fish, and even anthropomorphic fungus that fall under the name of furry.

Other species inhabiting Xarcadia include elementals, beings of pure energy that manipulate matter to take physical form; constructs, intangible beings confined in a singular object to use as a body; ghosts, who simply do not possess a body; and fae, mysterious creatures of pure magic. Inorganic beings are rare compared to furries and elfs, and they tend not to form permanent settlements of their own.

The taxonomy of Xarcadia, as bizarre as it already is, still has room for individual species with no relation to any other. Sentient beings who defy definition are known as ‘monsters’, and few of them live within the constraints of society. Though there are a few enclaves of monster culture, typically among a single variety of monster, most monster people live isolated lives far away from cities or towns to better pursue their own prerogatives.

Xarcadian gods are not considered a “people”, as they are too disparate from one another to form a coherent community. Their offspring with mortals, however, have come together to create a loosely-knit society of those born of divine blood. Demigods are perhaps the least common Xarcadians of all, but their influence on Xarcadia cannot be denied. Being some of the most magically powerful mortals in the world has given them the influence to become mighty sorcerers, social leaders, and sometimes hated pariahs.

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