EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Work

As most labor on Xarcadia is automated, there is very little “work” that is left to be done. Most essential work is left to magicians, who in turn enchant objects to carry the tasks out automatically. This gives the average Xarcadian a tremendous amount of free time, allowing them to work on more creative endeavors. Aside from doing it simply for pleasure, a Xarcadian looking to scrounge up a few extra Coins might turn to selling artistic works for their day job.

Fiction is one of the most common ways a Xarcadian might part with their money. Authors of popular novel series can live comfortably off of their work and develop a substantial fan base as well. Painters and other artists could be convinced to part with their original paintings for a price. Musicians will gladly agree to perform in almost any venue if the price is right.

One of the few kinds of labor that has not been fully automated is the process of trade between zones. Managing and directing these trade caravans is a difficult business: although the wagons are automated, they still require guards and drivers to ensure the cargo safely makes it to its intended destination. The enterprising young warrior would do well to join up with a caravan guard to train their skills.

The trading conglomerates express some of the greatest powers across all of Xarcadian. Noble families, claiming to descent from the original founders of Cosmopolis, rule these conglomerates and express a great deal of influence across large stretches of land. Thanks to the strong unionist mindset of Xarcadians, these conglomerates can be prevented from expressing too much power over the world, but their impact is undeniable.

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