EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Who’s Important

Xarcadia is a perfect world in many ways. There is no war, no poverty, no struggle by its inhabitants to simply live. The world is remarkably static, even in its rotation: by performing an impossible twist in its rotation, Xarcadia doesn’t even have seasons. The people live in harmony and peace, never descending into warfare – even the largest struggles on Xarcadia can be solved by a few determined people with a goal. Why is this? How did Xarcadia become this paradise of peace and magic?

The answer is simple: It was designed that way.

Untold eons ago, before there was anything, the creators were. They were a group of beings beyond comprehension, whose existed in the infinite void of space, alone and incomparable. These beings drifted together, bored and aloof, looking for new forms of entertainment. Sadly the universe proved less than ideal for their tastes: aside from the infinite number of lifeless worlds that did not entertain with their geology, worlds that did have life were painful places. This displeased the creators, who enjoyed watching the noble struggle of heroes and did not care for bloody warfare, starvation, and strife. Sometimes they used their powers to enrich the lives of planets they came across, but every time their meddling only magnified the problems as greedy tyrants moved to take control over the new resources. 

It was decided: they would make their own world from scratch, and eliminate the social strife that plagued other worlds. They would take a little from each world they liked the best: the magic, the mystery, the chance for normal people to become heroes. 

The creators soon staked out their claim and began world on a world that would be as perfect and entertaining as possible. They literally put pieces of themselves into the world, creating progeny begins who could be trusted to perform the more menial tasks of world creation while they focused on the larger picture. In time, the world grew and become more tangible. Life grew, nations were founded, and the magic flowed. It flowed a little more than the creators expected.

As millennia passed, the creators discovered that making this world had weakened them. The magic the world fed on was them, their essences, and the more they worked upon the world, the weaker they would become. New gods were rising up, powered by the beliefs of mortals, who in turn were developing their own magical powers; whenever magic flowed on Xarcadia, it came from its original creators. Unsure of what to do, the creators came up with a plan: they would finally step back from their creation and let it run itself. Their final action was creating the system of portals and Keys, so that their burgeoning world could be thrust into a new era without direct influence. They receded, shrunken, but proud of their accomplishment.

These gods still exist as entities who observe but refuse to interact with the world of Xarcadia as they are. Few realize that these entities even exist; the only ones who are conscious of the truth of Xarcadia’s creation are the great zonal gods, who have been sworn to secrecy. It’s not impossible to find a Xarcadian-written history of the creators from when they were still a part of the world; still, the lore is so old, so obscure, and so rare that to do so would require a herculean effort. The creators have gone to every length to ensure that their secrecy will be maintained for as long as they see fit. They worry that, being so diminished, their own world might turn against them. In their weakened state, they are still the most powerful singular beings anywhere in the world; however, if Xarcadia were to work together to defeat them, they would be helpless. 

The creators hope that one day, Xarcadia will become mature enough to spawn off gods who will take their own treks to the void of space and create their own worlds. In time, Xarcadia may become the progenitor of billions of peaceful, magical worlds. For now, all they want to do is watch.

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