EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Weather

Xarcadia has a unique orbit around its sun: As it rotates around the star, and as the planet itself spins, the axial tilt of Xarcadia shifts itself as well to ensure that the North pole is always pointed towards the star and the South pole is always pointed away. This means Xarcadia has distinct climate zones, but no seasons.

Without any seasons, the weather in each zone is relatively static from day to day. Rainy zones will be rainy ceaselessly; dry, arid zones will almost never experience rainfall. This also means that the North-most zones never experience night, and the South-most zones never experience day. Life in these most extreme zones can be challenging, but not impossible; in fact, some of the most popular districts of Cosmopolis are built below the perpetual night line in order to enjoy nightlife that never ends.

Magical weather is the source of most major weather-related disasters. When intense magical energy builds up in the atmosphere, it will express itself in any way it can. This mostly only results in intense aurorae, but sometimes impossible weather will occur that can put the inhabitants of a zone in serious danger. A peaceful day can be replaced with hurricane-level downpours that rain drops of blood instead of water; Xarcadians grow sick, crops wither, and buildings are destroyed. Lightning storms form that are so powerful a single lightning bolt destroys the top levels of a massive Cosmopolian skyscraper, sending flaming debris to the ground. Powerful weathermancers are a must in highly populated areas, lest thousands of people be killed in a terrifying magical storm.

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