EGGWARE.XYZ – Worldbuilding June 2019: War

Without coherent nation-states, Xarcadia has no war. There has been no international conflict since the founding of Cosmopolis, and it is highly unlikely that one will ever foster in the meantime.

This is not to say that Xarcadia does not have conflicts at all. Gods, being some of the most powerful beings on Xarcadia, are also the ones most likely to abuse their power. Gods normally understand that only through peaceful cooperation can they truly flourish and gain the most belief. Sometimes, however, a god who feels they have not gotten the appropriate amount of devotion will take to terrorizing the people in order to inspire fear. Those who resort to such measures are a threat to the ecosystem of divinity as a whole – though fear does promote short-term belief, in the long run it creates an environment of resentment that, in time, could erase the belief in gods as a whole.

When a god oversteps the unspoken boundaries of the divine, other gods will soon mobilize against them. This benefits the “good” goods in a variety of ways: aside from protecting the common Xarcadians and stabilizing the relationship of mortals to gods, the heroes who have vanquished an evil god will earn much goodwill from the god’s freed subjects and therefore much new devotion. Very rarely will these conflicts pass into what could be defined as “war”. It only takes a few high-powered gods to defeat a young upstart before serious trouble can begin. If an evil god were to overcome the others and rise to dominance, the great zone gods would be forced to intervene with potentially disastrous results.

Among mortals, the constant quest to find new Keys is the greatest cause of strife. Keys are incredibly powerful magical artifacts with a unique purpose: the ability to open and close portals. These make them possibly the most valuable items on all of Xarcadia, and a good number of people make their living questing to find these ancient and mysterious artifacts. While most keys simply create new portals to previously unexplored areas, some are enchanted with greater powers of magicraft. Key-holders become overwhelmingly powerful wizards instantaneously, capable of casting the most powerful spells with no effort.

The holders of Keys, like gods, are prone to abusing their power. Most Keyhunters turn over their discoveries shortly after finding them, in hopes that they can be used by the community for the common good. Those who do not share will hoard their Keys jealousy, looking to increase their personal power for their own ends. It is almost without fail that these Key-hoarders will move to a distant corner of the zone and begin to plot a way to “take over” the zone, weather out of a misguided sense of leadership or pure greed. When these mighty Keyholders become too much of a nuisance, militias are raised with the assistance of powerful gods to end the threat quickly.

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