EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Unexplored

Much of Xarcadia is still unexplored and uninhabited. Xarcadia is a massive world – more than four times the size of the planet Earth – and the reliance on the established portal network means that getting to the more distant areas is a serious struggle. There may be whole continents that are simply uninhabited, life never having achieved sentience within its borders.

The discovery of new Keys is the best way to explore new areas on Xarcadia. There is no way to know where the portal created by a new Key will take you until it is made. The portal could manifest a few blocks away from your home, or it could take you to a previously unknown planet well beyond the limits of Xarcadia – there’s only one way to find out. The need for new portals is so high that trading conglomerates will pay thousands of Coins for the discovery of new Keys, just to be the first to send trading caravans to new places. 

When a new and totally unexplored region is discovered, Xarcadians are very careful to investigate the surroundings before attempting to form a settlement. If there are any Xarcadians already living in that space, they will be left to their own devices until they wish to associate with the greater world. If the land appears to be totally uninhabited, a colony will be established and a new generation of civilization will attempt to take root.

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