EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Transportation

On Xarcadia, the most common way to get around is under your own power. Personal transportation is rare; for longer distances solo, a riding animal is your best bet. Fortunately, due to the system of portals, walking to distant locations is feasible as long as the portal itself is close to your home. 

Magic allows for a great variety of public transportation systems. Trains are the most common method, being powered by bound non-sentient elementals to power steam engines. The discovery of steam power is a relatively new invention, but it has been rapidly implemented across all of Xarcadia. Simpler, but costlier, is using magic to move a wheeled object directly. A few personal carriages are owned by particularly well-off enchanters, but most people rely on omnibuses that float on air elementals for a smooth ride to somewhat distant areas. The most distant travel is also powered by air elementals: airships. It is slow, but the airships are loaded with amenities that train or omnibus travel cannot reasonably possess. 

With the use of a multitude of air elementals, travel through space is possible. Few airships are able to make the journey, almost all of them are owned by the largest trading conglomerates, and the asking price to get a seat on them for casual travel is high; regardless, the allure of space travel is so tempting that the spacelines will regularly sell out all of their seats within hours of listing new tickets. 

Magic can also be used to aid the disabled who cannot walk under their own power. A Server can be designed that is large enough for a person to sit in; this Server can then be controlled by its rider to function as a wholly mobile hoverchair. Those who wish to use their legs can opt for magical prosthetics and harnesses, allowing the legs to move with the help of magic. Magical prosthetics can be used for much more than just mobility as well: they can be used to augment a blind eye, or enhance a deafened ear. 

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