EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Sky

The Xarcadian sky is much like Earth’s – blue, cloudy, and with a large central sun. The effects of magic upon the world can cause for interesting effects; on clear nights, large aurorae can be seen streaking across the sky, the effect of magical radiation interacting with the atmosphere. Optical phenomena are more common on Xarcadia in general. Large sun dogs, tremendous quadruple rainbows, and iridescent clouds are almost daily events that bear little importance to the Xarcadian on the street. At night, the common belief in certain constellations has caused literal lines to form between the visible stars, drawing them out for all to see.

Due to the unique rotation of Xarcadia, the night sky can be radically different depending on where you are. In the north, where night never falls, the sun can only skirt the horizon and the stars never become visible. The opposite is true in the south, where the sun never rises and brilliant night skies are always on display. In the equatorial zones, stunning sunsets and sunrises occur at intervals so consistent you could set a watch to them.

In certain zones, the sky is so unusual that only magic can explain its appearance. Some zones that can only be accessed by portals – so called “bonus zones” – have skies that can be brightly toned hues of the rainbow, or a repeating image pattern. During intense magical storms, clouds can warp, twist, and mold themselves into impossible shapes or the appearance of soon-to-be-born gods. Sometimes the sky will turn into night in an instant, displaying new constellations never seen before, then turn back into daytime just as quickly. 

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