EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Politics

Xarcadia has no government. At best, Xarcadia could be described as a loosely-organized confederacy of unorganized states, but even this is an overly complicated viewpoint. Xarcadians pursue freedom and individual identity as the ultimate ideal to strive for, and would be deeply uncomfortable at the idea of a central authority dictating their lives. Some zones may form councils for the better welfare of the zone’s residents, or a particularly influential trading group might influence power over a specific trade region, but the collective power of Xarcadians can easily dismantle these power structures when they grow inconvenient.

In the innermost districts of Cosmopolis, the story is slightly different. The trading groups express a much greater control in the “financial” districts, where their word is law. Fortunately, these trading groups are unanimously unionized and the individual worker can exert a great deal of power over their workspace. There are no “bosses” – each worker is their own boss and works with their co-workers to make group decisions.

The commerce systems of Cosmopolis are often looked upon with incredulity by other Xarcadians. With its very large population living in such close proximity, the potential for hierarchies to develop is greater. This is worst in the luxury districts, where the accumulation of Coins by casinos and entertainment moguls is the greatest. Time and time again a Xarcadian will become overly greedy and try to establish a hierarchical system with them at the top. Fortunately, the strong unionist ties of the common Cosmopolians prevent these attempts from getting too far before becoming dismantled.

The contrast between Cosmopolis and the rest of Xarcadia is a source of strife. Cosmopolis-critical Xarcadians argue that a system that prevents the rise of greedy people in the first place is better; Cosmopolians refute that without a working system of unionism, there is no protection against people who would try to form such systems in the first place. Regardless, Xarcadian politics – or the absence thereof – always somehow find a way to work themselves out.

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