EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Identity

Gender and sexuality is a topic that at the same time is much simpler and much more complicated than it is on Earth. Gender as humans know it does not exist in Xarcadia. There is no “male” or “female” that is assigned from birth, but a wide-spanning and complicated palette of personal identity choices that form a spectrum of identity. Most people form their identity out of their methods of presentation. For example, a person who would want to be perceived as ‘gentle and caring, but strong-willed’ would form an identity based around that, and things they feel relate to it. Some aspects of a person’s gender are frequently drawn from things and concepts – many people on Xarcadia would consider themself things we might call “stargender”, “voidgender”, “stonegender”, and so forth. Presentation is a highly personal affair.

Transgender people, as a group to be singled out for oppression, are not a concept on Xarcadia and the idea would be viewed with as much bewilderment as shaming someone for changing their job or home. As there is no “system” on Xarcadia, systematic oppression does not exist either. People are free to experiment with their identities and preferences as much as it pleases them, with zero institutional repercussion. It is a widely held social more that people who alter their identities are to be respected and left alone. Even the common Xarcadian language is gender-neutral, and makes no distinguishment between different genders – if it were to, it would require possibly thousands of different pronouns!

Sexual preference is viewed in similar terms. Earth sexualities would be viewed as a limited and very frightening way of seeing other people in a world where every person has an individual gender! As such, sexual preference is based primarily around individual presentation. People do not view their preferences in terms of “this gender” or “that gender”, but as individual aspects of presentation and identity that can be spread across numerous different genders. A person may be attracted to tough but sensitive people, and that is a definition of identity that can be spread across dozens of different genders.

Attraction to sexual characteristics is viewed as strange and rather invasive at best, analogous to a sexual fetish at worst. Very few Xarcadians care about what their potential romantic partners are packing; the presence of magic makes reproductive ‘compatibility’ irrelevant. While preferences to certain body types are acceptable, overtly caring about a partner’s genitals is seen as a intrusive and potentially dangerous attitude that reduces people to their bodies.

All in all, views on gender and sexuality are quite positive on Xarcadia, if maybe even more complicated than in our world.

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