EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – History

History, as a subject, is not well understood on Xarcadia. The earliest known histories of Xarcadia mostly trace back to the founding of Cosmopolis, but even then they are contradictory and disparate in what they tell. Each zone has kept its own record of history ever since Cosmopolis was first created, and no two histories seem to match up exactly with each other. On top of this, hundreds of languages no longer understood were used to write the oldest documents, requiring hours of difficult translation to understand even a single scrap.

The contradictory history of the zones is only further compounded by the fact that the individual zonal societies had little to no interaction before the earliest days of the portal system. Even the archaeology of individual zones suggests the evolution of radically different wildlife.  Ancient Xarcadian tribes lived without contact for thousands of years before the seemingly spontaneous creation of the portal system.

These first portals all connected to the same area, which would later become the founding site of Cosmopolis. Almost overnight, Xarcadia evolved from unconnected clans to a cosmopolitan world society.  At least, that’s the story Cosmopolians like to share – some Cosmopolis-critical Xarcadians believe that Cosmopolis was founded after years of squabble and strife to control the portal system.

Even the gods seem perplexed by Xarcadian history and have little answers as to why the world is the way that it is. As far as it can be told by anyone, there is a point where history simply seemed to begin as if pre-written by a higher authority. No one can agree on when significant ancient events happened, where they happened, or even if some of them happened at all. The founding of Cosmopolis is the only historical event that can be agreed upon that it DID happen, and the contradictions present in every retelling of it paint a broad and frighteningly vague picture about how modern Xarcadia came to be.

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