EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Food

Xarcadian cuisine is a strange thing, due to the broad variety of fauna and narrow selection of flora. Most Xarcadian dishes lean towards the meat-oriented side, and with good reason: Many Xarcadians are biologically hard-wired to consume meat as their primary source of nutrition. Tutoriole is a wildly popular protein that is eaten on every corner of Xarcadia. Every zone has its own prided way of preparing tutoriole: Viridian Valley stews it with fruit wine, Glacier Glades roasts it over an open fire, Sandblast Dunes dries the meat in the open sun to eat while traveling… The varieties are endless.

Cosmopolians do not have the luxury of the rural zones for easy access to fresh food, and their diet alternates between pre-packaged food and eating out at restaurants. While most zones have an individual cuisine style, Cosmopolis takes traditional eating habits and blends them together to create altogether new foods that would be unthinkable elsewhere. Magical eating is the fundamental basis of Cosmopolian cuisine and every restaurant, from lowly diners to the billion-star rated bistros, tries to infuse a little magic into their cooking. In vogue right now is self-feeding food, which is enchanted to lift itself into your mouth with no external aid.

Eating out is a good time, but most Cosmopolians survive on pre-packaged meals. Since the zone is so reliant on imported food from farming zones, most of the food that arrives to the tables of Cosmopolis has been processed, packaged, and distributed at a local food market by a trading conglomerate. The idea of paying for food is unthinkable on Xarcadia, and the trading companies serve to make no profit off of food distribution; it is a public serve organized by common people for the welfare of all. Though the food is packaged and processed, magical preservatives allow for food that will always be as fresh and healthy as the day it was picked.

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