EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Everyday Carry

A Xarcadian’s daily carry is highly based upon their needs specific to where they live. Most Xarcadians own an enchanted purse for carrying their Coins in; due to the special properties of Plastik, the Coins can be shrunken down via magic to be more easily carryable. This process works for non-Coin items as well, a magical property that gives Plastik its innate value. 

In rural zones, the threat of beast or Shadow attack is high. People must be constantly armed in case of random attack. It is unthinkable to go past the boundaries of your village without a sword, a wand, or a few pieces of armor. In the event of a Shadow attack, an enchanted weapon is even more essential. Wearing a well-used sword on your belt is a sign to others that you are willing to protect them in danger, and that you are going to put your life on the line if it comes to that.

Cosmopolians do not have to worry about outside threats anywhere near as much as rural Xarcadians and do not carry weapons on them. To do so is seen as tacky and frightening; there is little threat of being attacked on the streets, so why bring a weapon with you everywhere? Instead most Cosmopolians carry compact enchanted mirrors to communicate with each other. Where as rural Xarcadians will see their friends in person most every day, living in Cosmopolis necessitates much travel; to keep in touch, networked magic mirrors allow for face-to-face communication every day. 

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