EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Creatures

Xarcadia is home to a massive variety of animals. As every zone is a unique biome, they shelter fauna that is not often seen in any other zone.

One of the few animals that are inhabitants of every zone are the tutorioles. Wild tutorioles migrate across almost all of the world when following their complicated breeding routes, making them a familiar sight to any Xarcadian. Domesticated tutorioles are a popular animal to keep for both companionship and food. A tutoriole can be trained to repeat anything that it is told in a perfect imitation, making them useful for repeating information to others. Unfortunately they are astoundingly stupid and must be reminded constantly – before their taught phrase is corrupted into nonsense.

The fauna of each zone is considerably larger than most Earth animals. The Xarcadian equivalent to a cow can be up to the size of an elephant, and undersea animals can be even bigger. In defiance of the square-cube law, even insects can grow larger than the size of dogs. Most people in this world are still roughly the size of humans, making this discrepancy very prominent in daily life.

Every zone has an animal that is considered “iconic” to the zone’s lifestyle and attitudes. Viridian Valley is famous for its cattle that graze the grassy fields. Mountain zones are home to rock-eating goats who can climb ninety degree angles without effort. Gargantuan crabs scuttle across the beaches, looking for coconuts and offal. In Dust Hill, geckoes as big as cars lounge on the desert sand. Even the districts of Cosmopolis are home to rats the size of foxes scrounging through trash cans.

Aside from familiar animals both domestic and wild, more menacing beasts are an occurence in the less inhabited regions. Chimeras, magical mutants with random body parts from other animals, are a frequent encounter that take many forms: some are mindless, some are friendly and sentient, and a rare-but-feared few are terrifyingly dangerous and hostile. The more overt ‘enemies’ are known as the Shadows: their shapes are vague, ranging from amorphous to bestial, but they are all hostile. These shadows are entities made from wild, uncontrollable magic and cannot be tamed; the only way to reason with them is to defeat them in battle.

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