EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Communication

With a world as large as Xarcadia, communication is key to maintaining order. The best way to accomplish this is through the use of enchanted mirrors designed to transmit sounds and images to each other. The spell to enchant any mirror to become a device to communicate with others is simple, commonly distributed, and ubiquitous in any Xarcadian home. A small compact mirror can be kept in a pocket for quick calls; a larger mirror can be used to provide a larger picture, and some people have mirrors so large as to take up a substantial amount of a wall. 

With the popularity of mirrors as communication devices, some people have began to transmit information to multiple mirrors at once as a way to share entertainment and information. By tuning your mirror to a specific “telorama” frequency, a person can watch a play, listen to music, or learn the results of popular sports all from the comfort of their own home. A few enterprising magicians have even begun to enchant mirrors to communicate with each other in a system they call the “notice board system”. By using a central Server enchanted to both receive and transmit messages, mirrors can communicate with each other and send their own information to be received by each other. Few telemancers are connected to this network now, but it’s growing every day and is poised to displace the telorama as the next big thing in Xarcadian communication.

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