EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Civilization

Xarcadian civilization is wildly varied, with each zone having its own culture, aesthetics, and virtues. Cosmopolis is the largest civilization, both in terms of population and landmass. Even it is not consistent in its appearance and ideals, with every district functioning as its own personal zone.

Most buildings on Xarcadia are designed for functionality, depending on the climate and the primary industry of the surrounding zone. Viridian Valley’s primary industry is agriculture, and as such most of the buildings there are farm houses and barns. Basaltic Summits, in contrast, is a mining-based zone and requires much heavy machinery to process its ores.

The aesthetic and industry of a zone is reinforced by its residents, and most specifically by those who chose to move there. Unlike on Earth, changing your residence on Xarcadia is a trivial act: just move to another zone and take up residence there. Those who wish to live in Glacier Glades are those who are attracted to its aesthetic and societal beliefs, and as such reinforce its paradigm with their presence. In contrast, the same person leaving their original zone helps to reinforce the mindset of that zone with the departure of people who would otherwise dislike the zone’s culture.

Cosmopolis is the only zone that a Xarcadian may move to for convenience instead of simple enjoyment. One may wish to live closer to their Cosmopolian friends, live closer to a place of work, or simply have greater access to the portal system to visit other zones. Even then the choice of district that a person chooses to live in contributes to the formation of tightly-knight subcultures.

Cosmopolian buildings are overwhelmingly gigantic. The more central parts of Cosmopolis are crowded with gargantuan skyscrapers, some of which literally touch the edge of space. Magic is used to keep these enormous buildings upright; without it they would crumble to the ground. Magic also allows for the construction of particularly surreal building design: buildings that curve into themselves, that twist like corkscrews, that arc across the skyline like a rainbow… the only limit to an architect’s ability on Xarcadia is their imagination.

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