EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Art

Every Xarcadian is an artist in their own way. Without the outside pressures of capital to force a lifestyle focused around work, the people are free to create the inner desires of their soul as they see fit. Most artists are amateurs, doing their art only to share with the people in their immediate community or just for themselves. Access to art making materials, be it paints, musical instruments, or materials for sculpture, is almost universal and kept in common by most people. The arts are respected as the highest form of expression across all of Xarcadia and artistry is encouraged by all.

Artistic get-togethers are one of the most popular social events and are a fantastic excuse to host artistic competitions. Within a time limit, a few hours at most, local artists are challenged to create the most moving work of art within their discipline and are judged on their accomplishment. To ensure fairness and to reward only those interested in the art itself, the prizes are always something totally worthless: a single flower, a piece of fruit, or a particularly interesting rock. 

In Cosmopolis, art is a kind of commodity that can be used to make a living. Many people write stories, play music, and create visual art that can be traded and sold to make a living. These mass-market works of art are repackaged and distributed through Xarcadia by trade caravans. Many people in rural communities look forward to the arrival of the caravans for the latest installment of their stories as much as the fresh food!

Xarcadian art deals with many topics, but the heroic epic is one that has lasted through the ages. Hero-worship is an idea that cannot be taken lightly; with enough belief after the death of a beloved champion, they may literally turn into a god! Art is a favored way to share the myths and legends of great gods, a practice with the gods encourage in order to cultivate more belief in them. Some of the more powerful gods are artistic celebrities in their own right, performing in plays and creating their own otherworldly music for their followers.

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