EGGWARE.XYZ: Worldbuilding June 2019 – Arms & Armor

Xarcadian arms and armor are stuck in a strange place, technology-wise. With the ubiquity of magic the “technology level” is stuck firmly in an approximation of medieval Earth, but magic allows for things that are well beyond modern Earth abilities. Swords and plate armor are the weapons of choice for the Xarcadian interested in self-defence, but the wide variety of enchantments allow for defensive potential well beyond a simple blade could provide. Enchantments to allow for long-range combat are unthinkable to not have on a weapon. Having a sword that cannot fire a beam of concentrated kinetic energy from its tip is like walking around with a gun and no bullets. From there, more advanced enchantments are possible: using the blade as a large wand to control individual elements such as fire or water is a popular choice. Enchanting household items for emergency self defense is a popular trend. A simple stick can be made into a wand easily – the same goes for a kitchen knife or even a lamp.

Some Xarcadians do not even need weapons or armor to be a fearsome threat. Magical martial arts ascend the body beyond what should be possible, sometimes in outlandish ways. A fist can be enchanted to be cloaked in flame, become impossibly heavy, or even stretch several feet to hit a distant opponent. Enchanting the skin to be impenetrable is a complicated process, but is far more reliable and lightweight than carrying heavy armor.

Most menacing of all are the Keys. Every Key is a powerful magical artifact in its own right, and can be easily used for combat. Even the weakest Keys are capable of producing incredible magic; a very low-level key that is only enchanted with a single fire spell would put its user on par with some of the most competent pyromancers in the world. More powerful Keys are able of even greater magic; the most powerful ones allow the user to cast virtually any spell unaided. The greatest Keys of all are rumoured to give their holders the ability to re-write the laws of magic itself. If such Keys were ever found by the wrong people, it would spell doom for Xarcadia.

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