OCCULT: Five Card Reading

I recently did a giveaway for a five-card reading on Twitter, and one of my friends was the winner! The topic of the reading was what was upcoming in March.

My preferred five-card system is “Past/Present/Future/Seek/Avoid”, which usually gives me quick and efficient advice for virtually any situation. So without further ado:

In the past slot we see the PAGE OF WANDS. I know I saw on your twitter you had started on a new suit head; the Page of Wands is an excellent representative of the creative arts. Presumably you’ve been trying to hone your artistic talents.

Presently is the NINE OF WANDS. This is a rough card. Since it primarily represents being on the defensive, I can feel you’re currently such a state. What have you got that’s putting you on edge?

The future being SEVEN OF WANDS is a pretty clear warning to me. There’s going to be some kind of struggle – possibly related to your art? You’re going to end up in a situation where you’ll have to defend yourself, not necessarily against enemies, but where you will have to rationalize and work out the truth of the situation for others.

The cards advise you to seek the HANGED MAN. Well, it looks like the best case scenario is to hang back and let it wash over you. Though the first three cards seem pretty dour, this is telling me it’s not going to be a big issue in the long run.

The cards also advise to avoid TEMPERANCE. Now this right here is a real left fielder. One would be excused to think this means the same as the Hanged Man, but what I’m seeing here is to try and not “meet people in the middle” regarding whatever struggle you’re going to experience during March. Stand your ground and don’t go an inch further, one way or another.

Overall, the cards are predicting a pretty rough March for you that hopefully will show some dividends. As long as you keep your head on straight and your feet in the ground, you’ll get through it!

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