Today’s card is the Two of Cups.

Two people stand in front of each other, each bearing a cup. Above them, a Caduceus floats, with the head of a lion sprouting from the top. The one on the right reaches out to the one on the left, as if to take their hand.

Though it’s no Lovers, the Two of Cups is an excellent love card. Most important is its significance as a sign of platonic love, rather than sexual or romantic. Though these two people are clearly close, they stand a good distance away from each other respectfully. The Two of Cups is a very versatile card when it comes to relationships: it can mean a friendship, a relationship on the cusp of becoming something larger, or even a romance being kept at arm’s length. No matter the details of the love, Two of Cups is without a doubt the second-most lovey-dovey card in the deck!

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