OCCULT: Daily Draw – Seven of Swords

Today’s card is the Seven of Swords.

Another poor card! The Seven of Swords is a card of treachery. A man is seen running away from an encampment, clearly in the act of stealing swords. Five of the swords are in his arms, while the other two have fallen, stuck into the ground.

Seeing the Seven of Swords, typically, is a pretty bad sign. You’re right away put on your toes about the people around you – who’s going to stab me in the back? Who’s working against me in secret? But worst of all is when YOU are the focus of the Seven of Swords. Figuring out you’ve been running away from your responsibilities and letting people down is one of the harshest feelings in the world.

Of course, like any card, it’s not all bad. Sometimes the best thing to do in a situation is pack up and run as fast as you can, before you get brought down by the others. And who can blame a guy with such fashion sense? Look at that fez and those fur-lined boots!

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